Meeting LJer Zigma_an

Last month we travelled nearly 8,000 miles to Alaska and met an LJ friend – diffdrummer. On Sunday, we travelled 3 miles and had coffee with LJer Zigma_an (aka Suman) and her wonderful family. Suman had recently bought a house nearby and when I mapped the address, noticed it was next to a farm place we shop at regularly. When I mentioned this to Suman, she promptly invited us over for a Sunday morning coffee! Now you know how to get a coffee invite! 😉

In addition to the rest of her family, we were entertained by the delightful Atul, who is running on two and a half. He loves chocolate and has a ready smile! Here he’s making sure his mother is nearby.

And as he got comfortable.

It is heartening to see kids enjoy chocolates, so freely. Everytime I even consider a piece, I first estimate the amount of calories, worry if it's going to give me a sugar high, and agonize over the impending crash; wonder if I need to compensate by running; and … you get the idea. Thus it is particularly delightful to see kids revelling in these simple joys.

Oh, btw, which frame did you like? The matching pastel, or plain black?


  1. thanks for the link arun…heading to suman’s blog now 🙂

  2. thank you Sia:
    Atul is so dashing.
    btw, Suman is my friend from LiveJournal (LJ) where i maintain an active blog – now it is mirrored. 🙂
    Here’s a link to her blog.

  3. innocence personified… miss those simple pleasures of childhood 🙂
    i like matching pastel frame… it dont distract the main subject

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