Meeting LJer Zigma_an

Last month we travelled nearly 8,000 miles to Alaska and met an LJ friend – diffdrummer. On Sunday, we travelled 3 miles and had coffee with LJer Zigma_an (aka Suman) and her wonderful family. Suman had recently bought a house nearby and when I mapped the address, noticed it was next to a farm place we shop at regularly. When I mentioned this to Suman, she promptly invited us over for a Sunday morning coffee! Now you know how to get a coffee invite! 😉

In addition to the rest of her family, we were entertained by the delightful Atul, who is running on two and a half. He loves chocolate and has a ready smile! Here he’s making sure his mother is nearby.

And as he got comfortable.

It is heartening to see kids enjoy chocolates, so freely. Everytime I even consider a piece, I first estimate the amount of calories, worry if it's going to give me a sugar high, and agonize over the impending crash; wonder if I need to compensate by running; and … you get the idea. Thus it is particularly delightful to see kids revelling in these simple joys.

Oh, btw, which frame did you like? The matching pastel, or plain black?

3 thoughts on “Meeting LJer Zigma_an

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  1. innocence personified… miss those simple pleasures of childhood 🙂
    i like matching pastel frame… it dont distract the main subject

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