Church bans yoga for toddlers as un-Christian

From The Times of London:
A children’s exercise class has been banned from two church halls because it is teaching yoga. The group has been turned away by vicars who described yoga as a sham and un-Christian.

… It’s crazy because we’re talking about kids pretending to be animals and doing exercise routines to rhymes.

More here
WoW! Talk about being narrow minded.

The second comment on the article, reflects my thinking.
So what the Rev Tim Jones is saying is that having a calm mind is un-Christian, and will turn people into Hindus.
Andrew, Leicester,

Since I love yoga, I must be innately Hindu!
*in anjali mudra* Namaskar!

13 thoughts on “Church bans yoga for toddlers as un-Christian

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  1. Arun ji,
    I appreciate your reply I really do.
    To start with I think learning Pranayam through the CD’s and books is not bad and I mean it . My first pranayam teacher was a middle aged lady who learnt pranayam through Ram Dev Baba’s daily TV programmes.But what an excellent teacher she was!!! So you could definitely master it through the videos.

    And what an eminent idea you have given me.I think I could do that and offer to teach.But before I think that I should rehearse myself and research some more.
    Thank you so much

    Seattle WA.

    1. Hi Manasi:
      now i feel good about what I’m doing;
      I am trying to do the different exercises for about 15 minutes every morning;

      btw, you can create “threaded comments” by clicking on the “replying” on the right of my name at the header of this comment. See how my comment shows indented from yours!

      Good luck with your rehearsing and keep us updated.

  2. Arun Ji,
    Pranayam is the best thing to do.I totally agree with Shilpa.
    I am(was) a trained and certified pranayam instructor.We had 15 day taraining session in Kolhapur,MH(my home town)held by Patanjali Yog Peeth-Ram Dev Baba’s institute for Pranayam.
    It was awe-inspiring experience for me. I was working more effeciently then before and was healthier than ever.
    Along with routine Physical Therapy I taught Pranayam too to all my patients.It was an amazing period in my life.
    Unfortunately after coming here I lost touch and never practised again.But am looking forward to starting over again

    Manasi Sonune.

    1. Hi Manashi:
      I wish you could teach me Pranayama! I have currently been learning it from a book and have also seen a few of Bab Ramdev’s Viedos. But I am sure there is nothing like a proper teacher!

      it is fantastic that you were a trained teacher! You should definitely get back to it and further, I think, you should talk to some of your local Yoga studios and offer to teach a few classes on Pranayama. There is a big demand for that!

      Best Wishes and thank you for commenting here!

  3. Shilpa – (sorry for the delay in replying)
    Thank you for sharing this. Your Dad sounds like a fascinating guy! I would love to meet with him when I visit Kumta later this year; and learn from him. Will mail you.

  4. Thats a very good cause Arun. All the best. My dad is involved in the management of many schools. So I know its a great work. I know Chitrgi.

    Well, I donno any good yoga teachers. We follow Swami Ramdev (Baba Ramdev). You can find his videos in youtube. He is the best….He teaches 6-7 basic pranayams which helps in getting rid of many diseases.

  5. Shilpa – yes, we are from Kumta – there is a village (?) called Chitrigi. it is walking distance from the Main Market in Kumta.
    But our family settled in Mumbai. I know from your blog that you are from that area too. But sadly, I am not familiar with Kodkani.

    I will be going to kumta for six weeks in Nov/Dec. Am planning on working with a School, setting up scholarships for needy girls. It is fascinating and I feel enriched by it.

    Last month, we gave out the first batch of 15 scholarships to boys and girls there. Apparently, a lot of poor girls drop out of highschool. I am hoping to recruit poor girls in the primary school and then make a deal with the parents to send the girls to the school through high school (and we will take care of all their school needs). Lets see how it goes. I am really excited about this. Many other things going on in Kumta! Hoping to buy a house there too (so if you know of any, please let me know).

    WoW! about the pranayama! That is amazing. I better start right away! I just need to find a good teacher here. Or I may have to find a good teacher while I’m in Kumta (Any recommendations?)

    And good to communicate with a Konkani here!
    And thank you for your wonderful inspiration.

  6. Thanks Arun for kind words about my blog.

    About Pranayam, I have a live example that it does cure many diseases. One of my very close relative had to undergo open heart surgery. He was not even able to lift a pen or cup. Then one of my cousin gave him a CD of Swami Ram Dev. He religiously followed it for 1 month and we could not believe the improvements that we saw. Now also he does those pranayams and he is completely normal, we can’t say he had undergone the surgery. Few of my friends had migraines which are under control after they started pranayam regularly.

    Okay, now I am going to read the link you have mentioned…

    Btw..Are you from Kumta too? It feels great to see pictures of Kumta. I miss home so much….

  7. Shilpa,
    WoW! Your blog is like our temple! We visit regularly for darshan. :-))

    I just started studying Yoga and am not yet into pranayama – but that is my goal. Last year when I went to Kailash Manasarovar (see Tags in sidebar), I had a bad case of altitude sickness; but when a much older lady friend visited at about the same time, she went through the high altitudes with ease. Then she tells me that she is a regular pranayama practitioner! That really got me into yoga.
    And I saw this article in FT London which discussed how the Indian Army is using yoga (and pranayama) training for soldiers posted at high altitudes! See my related post here.
    Now I’m trolling the food blogs for traditional and ayurvedic recipes. Yumm to our health!

    and thanks for browsing.

  8. You have a very nice blog here. I am not surprised to see this post, I have seen few people who make fun of me when I say pranayam cures many diseases.

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