Gokulashtami Food Spread

Over the last several weeks I have found scores of excellent Indian Food Blogs. These are not written by celebrity chefs, but by regular, albeit very talented women cooking everyday meals at home for their families. And many are based in the US and use locally available ingredients. The collection is truly spectacular and makes me drool.

Even M has taken to following their recipes and trying them at home!

Many of these home chefs also organize ‘Round-ups’ with a theme such as ingredients (Rice, Banana, etc) or festivals; and have others submit their related posts. Latha from the Yum Blog recently compiled a virtual gathering of Janmashtami foods. She had more than 30 submissions and they are all posted in this Janmashtami Round-up.

Browse, link through and revel in these beautiful culinary creations. A lot of easy to make desserts!!! Of course, I was thrilled she highlighted my Gokulashtami post. ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “Gokulashtami Food Spread

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  1. Thank you Lakshmi!
    From what little I have seen, the submissions for RCI-K have been phenomenal (and get me all salivating).
    you must the other part of the Latha-Lakshmi duo from the Yum Blog!

  2. Rachna – Thank you for the plug to the Almond Pista milk.
    From yours and your friend’s blogs it is very obvious that the secret ingredient to all these recipes is the love and interest you all take. Please continue to share your creations!

  3. Hey Arun, thank u for honouring us!… I can prob say on behalf of every1, that we all love to cook and blog! Ive put a link to yur yummy almond pista milk on my recent post…

  4. Ha Ha Asha:
    Of course, I will talk about your Karnataka Round-up too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just wanted to showcase all the wonderful work that you all do in maintaining these food blogs; Dil Se! Kudos to you all!

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