Just flowers

Fall Flowers!

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14 thoughts on “Just flowers

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  1. Thank you Srivalli for your kind words.
    I love taking pics! While my memory fades of events and faces, these written words and pictures transports be back to that moment in space and time! … and I smile.
    You have a beautiful blog too. I spied that Pepper chicken and am planning on making that this evening for dinner! πŸ™‚
    and Welcome!

  2. Arun, first here..and I love what you have. These flowers are so breathtaking..wonderful to see them early morning…and yes photos preserve then forever…time is not forever but a still taken in that time stands forever…thanks for sharing..

  3. Sirisha – glad you liked the flowers. We got them last week and I had to take the pics to ‘save’ them for ever!

    Yes, they grace our breakfast table and all our guests enjoyed them over the weekend too! They are in these nice fall colors!

  4. Sush
    nahin yaar; how can I leave behind my lj friends? I just like the ability to tweak my themes here and importantly have my own domain (arunshanbhag.com)
    I’ll always be active on LJ – everything here is also on LJ.

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