Shanbhag School in Kumta

photos of CVSK High School Kumta by Arun Shanbhag
Our grandfather is from the village of Chitrigi in Kumta (coastal Karnataka). Since he moved to Mumbai in the 1930s, we all considered Mumbai our home with not much connection to Kumta. About a decade earlier, our family decided to support a High School building in Kumta in memory of our grandfather, but our family remained uninvolved in the school management.

A few years ago when I visited Kumta, I was thrilled to see an institution bearing my grandfather’s name. And ecstatic on hearing eedy students grateful for the fine school in the area. For me this served as a call to action; to serve this area, the students and the school.

Now every time I visit India, I make a beeline to Kumta and work with the school management on the many educational opportunities. And there is so much need. Everything from scholarships for needy students, to tutoring, to books for the library and developing new courses. And even when I am in Boston, I am constantly working with my extended family, trying to develop consensus on new projects. A satisfying mission indeed.

The question I ask myself is: With all my education, training and skills, how do I help improve educational opportunities in Kumta, and ultimately the standard of living of the locals? In future posts I will share some of the work that we have done over the last few years. And when I recount the challenges, you will realize it is not as simple as donating a few old computers.

These are pictures I took at the school on my first visit there in 2004, with my archaic Olympus point’n shoot.

The ground floor was first completed and classes commenced in 2002. Very soon the classrooms were at full capacity and construction was started on the upper floor. Note the ongoing construction.
photos of CVSK High School Kumta by Arun Shanbhag

On the far stage, notice students sitting on the floor listening to a talk.
photos of CVSK High School Kumta by Arun Shanbhag

Notice these girls (many with anklets) sitting at the edge of the quadrangle.
photos of CVSK High School Kumta by Arun Shanbhag

Shoes and sandals are left outside classrooms.
photos of CVSK High School Kumta by Arun Shanbhag

Spectacular view looking out from the top of the school. In the distance I catch a glimmer of the Arabian Sea.
photos of CVSK High School Kumta by Arun Shanbhag

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  1. hai arun,
    do u know any more about shri padmanabha thirtha Bada karavar(1871-1910). he found one matt in bada. he wrote more than 20 granthas.
    if u knw plz tell more abt matt…., i am planning to visit…

  2. Happy Shankranti. A picture is worth a thousand words. It would be a great help to put a local (regional) map and location of the Kumta village and location of the school on your website.

  3. This may be the most out of the blue comment here, but do you know if the school needs teachers? I am a trained EFL teacher hoping to find work in India, and though it’s a long shot, I figured I might as well ask.

  4. Hello Arun,

    From my father’s side I belong to the Mavinkurve Shanbhag family. I have visited Mavinkurve, which is also one of the most beautiful towns in the world, only a few times. Right now I am based in California and would love to sponsor a child’s scholarship or actually the lunch program (my mother always felt feeding the hungry was the best help one could give). I would like to more about this.

  5. Hi Smita:
    Thank you for your kind words. It is a lot of work, but accompanied by great joy and satisfaction.

    Please do check the Tag “Shanbhag School” for all related posts. We now offer scholarships to needy kids and that is very heartening.

    My grandfather’s name is Vithoba Shanbhag from Chitrigi (Kumta) and later from Colaba Mumbai. He was known to the Mumbai konkanis as “Colaba Vithob Shenoy.”

    Where is your family from? and where are you based now. Perhaps, when the time is right, you could consider supporting a child’s scholarship.


    1. hello,
      Is this saraswati vidya kendra itself?Which was later named KVSK? I was a student of this school..They were great days which i still remember..the nature there was awesome..thank you very much for those lovely photos..
      Keep up the good work…
      keep walking,

      with Lots of regards
      Pratima Bhat

      1. Yes, Yes, Yes!
        and you see your pic here?

        That is funny and coincidental!
        What a fabulous place and I love it! Will be visiting Kumta in Aug?

        And, what are you upto these days?

  6. Arun, this is truly a noble cause taken up by you. Loved seeing the pictures. Such beauty can be found only in India. I am born into Shanbhag family and was curious as to what your grandfather’s name is.

  7. Dear Arun Shanbhag,

    I am happy to know that you are taking interest in doing
    social work of providing guidance and assistance for spreading education in Kumta,(Shanbhag School in Kumta)which is comparatively small town far away from urban centers such as Mumbai and Bangalore.

    Here in Mumbai Mrs.Shitala Pandit( niece of late Mrs.Rukmabai Tallur ),and Managing Trustee of Punyatma Prabhakar Sharma
    Seva Mandal (PPSSM) has been taking lot of interest in theeduaction of Deaf & Dumb Children,weaker section of society etc. Recently PPSSM has taken initiative in building
    a school at Igatpuri (Maharashtra).

    I am happy to see that Konkani people are helping the weaker sections of Society by taking initiatives in the rural areas.

  8. Hi Girish:
    Thank you for your kind words of support.
    We probably know many people in common; while my grandfather was from Kumta, my grandmother was from Honnavar and so are several of my aunts and other relatives. So I always visit kumta, Honnavar and Bhatkal (my mother’s place). Will be going there in July, so am very excited.

    Yes, it is a beautiful area; Hope you got a chance to see some of my more recent pics of the Shanbhag School from Dec 2007;

    Congratulations on your son’s thread ceremony!
    Yes, I havev many more pics of the Kumta, Honnavar, Bhatkal etc, but its tough to find the time to compose a post. 😦

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment.

  9. Dear Arun,

    Just today was browsing the net and came across you site. Let me first compliment you for such a wonderful experience. Looking at the photographs it takes me back in time.

    Am also from Kumta (father’s home) and Honnavar (mother’s home)

    Visited Kumta / Honnavar in April – May 2008 to perform my son’s thread ceremony. Have been staying in Mumbai since 1971, but still love visiting native place.

    Please keep up the good work and post more photographs of Kumta / Honnavar.

    Best regards

  10. Heh! Yes, pohe masala is a specialty of Kumta (along with Kashaay piTTo). I don’t know many of the families there, but am slowly getting plugged into the local scene. Too many shanbhag, and …kars 🙂

    and i get to speak konkani in the market, to the auto drivers and everywhere else heeeee heeeeee!

    let me know more about the family.

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