Victoria’s Reign

I love shooting candids of people. Despite shooting in busy locales, in my camera’s eye only the subject exists, and I get a quick peek into their lives. Most are of people I meet during my travels, and I generally never ask their names. A few quick clicks and we move on, drifting away quickly in this river of our Samsara.

And since I have not had prior interactions with the subjects, I only see them in this particular place, in this instant. And I get to freeze that moment in time. In a sense, the image I capture, reflects my own state of mind at that unique point in time, projected onto the subjects. Never to be repeated again!

Seldom do I shoot pics of friends. See, I know them personally, and our past interactions subconsciously influence the poses and emotions I capture. Nonetheless, I love to shoot portraits of friends, particularly if they are aspiring models!

Meet Victoria! She rules! 😀

Shot on the Esplanade along the Charles River in Boston. Can you tell me which images you liked? And click on selected images for larger versions.








  1. definitely #6. I’d be interested to see it in color.

  2. Sia! W0T!?! you going to bharat too?
    will send email 🙂

    and enjoy those Jolada Roti’s

  3. me? busy packing… i am sooooooooooo excited and i’ll get to eat jolada rottti oota in kamat also 😉

  4. Thank you Sia!
    yes, those b/ws came out surprisingly good! and glad you liked!

    What are you upto these days? :-))

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