Victoria’s Reign

I love shooting candids of people. Despite shooting in busy locales, in my camera’s eye only the subject exists, and I get a quick peek into their lives. Most are of people I meet during my travels, and I generally never ask their names. A few quick clicks and we move on, drifting away quickly in this river of our Samsara.

And since I have not had prior interactions with the subjects, I only see them in this particular place, in this instant. And I get to freeze that moment in time. In a sense, the image I capture, reflects my own state of mind at that unique point in time, projected onto the subjects. Never to be repeated again!

Seldom do I shoot pics of friends. See, I know them personally, and our past interactions subconsciously influence the poses and emotions I capture. Nonetheless, I love to shoot portraits of friends, particularly if they are aspiring models!

Meet Victoria! She rules! πŸ˜€

Shot on the Esplanade along the Charles River in Boston. Can you tell me which images you liked? And click on selected images for larger versions.







25 thoughts on “Victoria’s Reign

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  1. i love both black ‘n white pics… there she is not posing for the pic. u have captured her in her own world of thoughts…
    by the way compliments to both the photographer and model… she is beautiful…

  2. i really love these pictures of me, thank you so much arun for doing this for me. number 6 is probably my favorite, and i love #2 as well.

  3. My baby looks pretty and you captured her in deep thought. The comments are correct – she is very hard to read at times – and then she’s an open book of poetry other times. We love you, Arun! Thank you for this – we had so much fun doing this with you!

  4. Ha Ha Latha: Trust you to put things in perspective. Yes, we miss the larger extended families and the joys and security it brings. And as you suggested, samsara is more like tiny rivers hindering our travels!

    and in #6 she sure does look like she’s surveying the terrain! :-))

  5. Now with nuclear families I think samsara has shrunk from sagara to river! πŸ˜€ Whether victoria rules or not your camera rules for sure! 6 is great as the girl is looking away from the lens and it is totally uninhibited pose! πŸ™‚

  6. Haha well I’m actually applying to M.P.H. programs, taking a little time off before med school, I don’t think I’m a good candidate at this point (long story). So that will be what I probably will be doing, along with research and/or work. Not sure what the off semester holds though, I’ll probably just be at home being a bum. :p

  7. $149? That’s less than what I paid for, for the 4.1 megapixel beast that I lug around (well it’s not really a beast, but compared to some of the newer cameras, it may as well be Goliath).

    Hmmm I sense this could be the ideal graduation present! Haha I’m graduating in less than a month so that should give my parents enough time right? πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks Saroj:
    The new digital camera prices are dropping in prices – steeply.
    I just picked up the 7,1 MB Nikon S200 coolpix for $149!
    i was tired of lugging around the large beast and this one slips in my shirt pocket. Took a few pics over the week and am yet to check them out on the computer.

    Mermaid! Hmmmm! Yes, those socks bound feet do draw your attention. (I wish she had removed her socks).

  9. Cool stuff. I wish I had a nice camera, I still have my 4.1 megapixel camera from 3 years ago which is starting to show signs of wear. One day, I need to get me one of those Nikon digital cameras that are grossly expensive but produce some of the best photos I’ve seen.

    The 4th picture struck me, I don’t know why it reminds me of a mermaid, but I think it’s the way her feet are positioned

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