On Prarthana: G Madhav Prabhu

Review for Prarthana: A Book of Hindu Psalms

What is Prarthana? and details on how to get your copy, see ArunsPrarthana.com

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For those who practice it everyday, the hope is that the ritual of prayer releases love energy and uplifts the entire human race. Arun Shanbhag has reinforced this hope in his book, Prarthana, in which he has done a superb job of transliterating and translating many prayers from their Sanskrit version into English. I was particularly impressed by his mastery in translating the Suprabhatam – a prayer that most of us awake to in South India and is actually intended to awake the divine presence within each of us. The Gayatri mantra, a prayer that is simple and easy to recite, is explained as a way to “invoke the Sun from within oneself.”

The essence of the Sanatana Dharma from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad:

“From the unreal lead me to the real,
From darkness lead me to light,
From death lead me to immortality.”

shows us how we can attain final emancipation or ‘moksha.’ These are but a few of the gems contained in Shanbhag’s rendering of Hindu prayers and psalms. The explanations that go hand-in-hand with the actual Sanskrit verses are so easy to read and understand and at the level where I could easily explain them to my children who were both born in the US.

The author has done a great service to the Indian diaspora living abroad, and also to Indians living in India who are not well-versed in Sanskrit. I would recommend this book to everyone who believes in the power of prayer and wants to understand a little bit of the meaning and significance of many popular Hindu hymns.

G. M. Prabhu, Ames, Iowa – Academician, Author

Professor Prabhu is a much-admired professor of computer science at Iowa State University. With over 20 years of academic experience, he is well known for his lucid explanations of complex concepts, earning him kudos: “he’s the best professor I’ve had at ISU.”

Professor Prabhu received his Electrical Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, India; MS from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India; and PhD from Washington State University. He has been on the faculty at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, since 1983. Dr Prabhu attests that none of these institutions seriously interfered with his education.

Dr Prabhu is the author of Anita’s Legacy.

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  1. So nice to know more about prarthana! Most youngsters do not believe in our culture and practices as the meaning is not explained properly. Arun has done a wonderful job by writing a book which explains the meaning very well! Thanks so much Arun! :))

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