Make Way for Katrina and Brandon!

pics of kids with Make Way for Ducklings in Boston Public Garden by Arun Shanbhag
Last Fall, our friend H asked me to shoot pics of her kids for their holiday greeting. Katrina is such a delight; ever since she was a toddler, every time she saw me she’d run over screaming “alun! alun! alun!” and give me a big hug. And Brandon is such a champ! No doubt I eagerly agreed. We walked over to my favorite place – The Boston Public Garden. It turned out to be a dreary day. While the rains stopped just in time, we missed the golden burst of magnolias, cherry and chestnut trees you see in this post. However, the radiant kids lit up the garden with their own light and color! Here are a few from that day. Enjoy!

Dahlings on the mother duck! Make Way for Ducklings is a bronze sculpture by Nancy Schoen, memorializing Robert McKloskey’s picture book.

Love this b/w. Brandon distracted by his mother gives it a candid look.
pics of kids with Make Way for Ducklings in Boston Public Garden by Arun Shanbhag

Katrina mothering Brandon atop mother duck! (The ducks were wet with rain water; as soon as we enter the park, Katrina dashes off and jumps onto the duck, wiping all the rainwater with her jeans. That’s why her jeans are wet.)
pics of kids with Make Way for Ducklings in Boston Public Garden by Arun Shanbhag

It was a difficult decision to select just three pics from the nearly 80 I have of them. Which is your favorite?

15 thoughts on “Make Way for Katrina and Brandon!

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  1. hi Saroj:
    Thank you for sharing that family tidbit!
    Growing up in a joint (extended) family, I had my share of olfer cousin sisters. and you are right, even though it appears embarrassing when they go my cheeks, deep down i felt good at the love and affection!

    kudos to you and and brother.

  2. Haha I can totally relate to these pictures, I have a younger brother myself (though he’s six years younger). I definitely had a habit of mothering him from time to time, and I still do…which he doesn’t mind, but will outwardly detest so as to save face. Now he’s also half a foot taller than I am, so it’s especially hard to mother him nowadays.

    Fantastic pictures, as always.

  3. Very beautiful pictures and children. Love the black and white esp because its taken from their eye level – Always adds to pictures so much more!

  4. I must say that Helen and Jose produced some beautiful children. It must be from Helen’s side of the family…..

  5. Arun,

    Thanks again for yet another round of beautiful pictures. As you said, its so hard to choose but if I have to pick one, I would go with the black and white. Delightful kids.


    Hi Viji:
    Thank you for your endorsement! Yaay! the b/w is one f my favorites. Truly Delightful kids. Hope you are doing well.


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