Tulip Mania

pictures of Tulips by Arun Shanbhag
It was a dreary weekend; overcast, drizzly and cold. Perfect time to snuggle under the goose down and sip warm almond milk.

After putzing around the house for a few hours, I realized the rains had stopped – whatdayaknow. An overcast day is perfect to take flower pics. In the diffuse light, the subtle colors get well saturated. So what the rains over the last weeks had washed out the sakura blossoms. So what all the daffodils wilted in this cold blanketing us. So what we haven’t see the shiny orb in the sky since …whenevah. The tulips cloaked in misty droplets, swayed proud. Enjoy this parade.

If the Reds can pose, we can too!
pictures of Tulips by Arun Shanbhag

And then my heart with pleasure fills
And dances with the tu-u-lips.
~ Arun Swordsworth

Peachy Tulips – Dancing in the rain! (click image for slightly larger pic)
pictures of Tulips by Arun Shanbhag

Ok, I lied misspoke! A few Grape Hyacinths!
These are tiny! A complete blossom is about an inch and a half tall! You like?
pictures of grape hyacinths by Arun Shanbhag

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21 thoughts on “Tulip Mania

Add yours

  1. Yaay Rachna!
    Will look forward to your Tulip-posts!
    After Botswana – the tulips here must be heavenly!

    but I am sure you miss the beautiful continent!

  2. Ha hA! Latha:
    Thank you for the kind words on the poem – those are a few lines from Wordsworth! :-))

    And glad you liked the tulips! Yeah! That header came out good, no!?
    Thanks and hope you are doing well.

  3. Thank you Viji:
    My recovery has been equally fast! Went out for short runs last week and plan of running this evening as well. It is beautiful here!

    Oohhh! Jasmines! They will last you for every; and the blooms give a nice fragrance to the whole room! Enjoy!

    and you are right; we got a warm spring abot two weeks back; then two weeks of ‘winter’ and rain; yesterday was beautiful, today is going to be great and its Back to Winter from tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    We take it as it comes :-))

    Enjoy the fleeting spring!

  4. Beautiful pictures Arun. Hope you are feeling better and your spirits are back up as usual.

    I bought some jasmine and hibiscus from local nursery last week. Yet to move them out though. It hasn’t warmed up yet. I am afraid that we may miss spring and move staright into summer :-))


  5. Oh wow..thanks a lot Arun. I found a picture that fits my screen very well and I absolutely loved it. Now for next few days my desktop will have your flower pictures ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Hi Shilpa!
    Enjoy the blooms to your hearts content! Download and use as much as you want. Considering the great service you perform with your blog, this it the least that I can do.

    and Shilpa, check the FLOWERS Tag to bring more color to your desktop. If you need any in hi-Res, let me know.


  7. Wow..so beautiful pictures….Wowww….Did i say I have a habit of setting any beautiful picture as desktop background? and did i say I just set 3rd pic as desktop background??

  8. Thank you Asha!

    yes, the tulips seems to ‘age’. About seven years ago we planted about 3 dozen; now we get about a dozen, total! :-((

    Perhaps its time for a refresher planting in the Fall!


  9. Amazing pics..Very refreshing . The header looks great with the tulips. The poem by ‘Arun Swordsworth’ is very commendable :))..

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