PiPi Unbound

Growing up, even a thimble full of these squiggly bits was a treat It still is. I found this in a desi store here. Now I get my stash from Mumbai on every visit. (Chikki was my other treat.)

I have no idea what the correct name is for these fennel candy; growing up, we called it PiPi. When I stomped into a store and asked for “PiPi,” the owner gave me a puzzled looked. After some explanation he produced a bag from behind the counter. πŸ™‚

Here our friend’s kids, raised on Lindt and M&Ms still clamor for these. They always want more, but I insist these are medicinal and to be enjoyed in small doses. Good no? Fennel seeds aid digestion and are chewed on after heavy meals.

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  1. Hi TBC:

    Thank you so very much for visiting! and for leading me to you blog. Awesome! More food! Now if I can only find someone to invite me over often, it will truly be nirvana!

    And welcome to my little nook! Less food, but more of the things which bring a smile to my heart!

    Browse and Enjoy!

  2. hi dear arun!

    love your blog – your writing often reminds me of Eknath Eswaraan’s commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. He wrote three volumes, and managed to weave even the tiniest fragments of life into huge masterpieces in the literary world!

    I enjoy your fresh perspective on life! very in tune with spirit, indeed!

    when next will your travels take you to india again?

    i’m dreaming of going back soon!

    thanks for the inspiration!

    your fan!

    Arun says:
    Hi Deepa:
    You are so very kind with your words – and your friendship is so valued!

    EE is such a giant and even putting my name on the same page as his is a huge compliment. Will try and not let you down.

    How you been? You haven’t posted in a while! 😦 Hope all is going well.

  3. Hi Latha:

    Yaay! Another person who calls it PiPi!
    and I agree with the ‘lil pichke” ha ha!
    now you know we have had ‘uninvited guests’

    Oh, yes! rationing is good!

    and whats with masalamagic? Do you have a blog somewhere? I don’t seem to find a link. 😦

  4. my kids love it too! i try to bring some everytime we visit India and i ration it out to them (us) πŸ™‚ We called it pipi too and i know some people call it “Ili pichke” like in rat’s shit! hahaha πŸ™‚

  5. Soooo soorrrry, Sia!

    heh, but think of the positive side; you made jolada roti, and also got to eat jolada rotti Oota on your recent trip. :-))

    So you know there is PiPi in your near future!

    Hope you are enjoying Spring!

  6. Hello – papayas from lj here. I just wandered over and wanted to say hi. I will be adding your blog to my feed reader. These look so deliciously good, but when I see them in person, I hesitate because I’m so afraid that they will taste herb-y. I should get over it and just try them!

    Arun says:
    Thank you Pei! Great!
    I just setup for Email alerts of my new posts! Give it a try and Subscribe. Its at the top right of the page.

    O, I just post about once a week or less frequently, so don’t expect your inbox to be inundated.

    And give these PiPi a try the next time you are in a store or indian restaurant! You may actually like them. :-))

  7. your fennel candy is the wordpress food news of the day πŸ˜€

    Arun says:
    Thanks for the update Lakshmi; Yaaay!
    We escaped on a mini-vacation and just returned. So I guess I missed my fleeting moment in the Sun!
    Should have ‘grapped’ a screenshot!

    You think they’ll give me another chance? πŸ™‚

    Hope your mom and rest are doing well.

  8. But what is it? Is it solid or is it filled with something?

    From Arun:

    Hi MP:
    These are tiny fennel seeds coated with sugar candy! :-))

    According to traditional Indian medicine, fennel seeds help digestion; thus these and other fennel seeds are served in Indian restaurants in lieu of after-dinner mints.

    As kids, we just liked to munch on these tiny seeds.

  9. they do look like medicine πŸ˜›

    From Arun:
    Ha HA! They seeds (which are candy coated) are good for digestion.
    General good stuff and not Too bad for you – as long as you brush your teeth often.

  10. I may be slightly addicted to this. Is it the same as saunf (sp?). Nonetheless, if I’m in an Indian restaurant, this is absolutely a must for me after a meal. And (as you said), it’s medicinal! So no guilt, right?

    Arun said:
    yes, essentially saunf coated with sugar candy!
    I told you – this is good for digestion.

    You are absolutely right – after a gut expanding indian restaurant, a fist full of saunf is must.
    … and Hajmola oncer I get home. heee heee!

  11. Sush –

    “mishti mouri” trust the bengali’s to give beautiful names to these delicacies.

    mishti dohi is another of my favrites – do you know hoe to make it?

    sent you an email – its my complete name at gmail.


  12. Save your precious pipi. We call it mishti mouri in Bengali. My mum, my nieces and I love it to bits.
    Nice colorful photos!
    I was about to mail you but I couldnt find your id anywhere. Have I lost my mind, just wondering. We did exchange emails before, dint we, or were those long comments on LJ itself?

  13. WoW Viji;
    what a champ!
    Is he now a Judge? He should be one!

    you tried to blackmail him? tsk, tsk!

    hee heee! I would have twisted his arm … really hard, … till he give me the ‘loot’.


  14. When my parents got us these treats, my youngest brother would ration 20 seeds/candies per day for his 3 elder siblings (and of course he would have 20 for himself but nothing more). You can understand why my parents trusted him with candy distribution though he was the youngest πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ My sister used to threaten him saying she wouldn’t help him with his science record notebooks unless he doles out some more but I don’t think that ever worked πŸ™‚


  15. We get that in the Indian store here…..its good..somehow not as good as getting it in bombay or pune….my nana and nani would keep getting these and other sweets ….sadly my younger cousins prefer orbitz and mentos and other stuff!!!!

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