13 Dangerous Days of Monsoon

Following a newspaper tip:
The US Embassy has identified 13 days most likely to lead to flooding in Mumbai, during the monsoons.

This info is important for all Mumbaikars (not just US citizens), and the City Government should have been disseminating this info in the first place, rather than planning and sniping about a statue in the sea!

Excerpted from an email sent to registered US citizens. See the entire note from the Consulate here

During the monsoon, most flooding occurs during high tide. Mumbai’s drainage system is designed to run off into the Arabian Sea. If a major storm occurs during high tide, the rainfall backs up and flooding occurs. Particular concern should be paid during the days listed in the table below. During these 13 days, high tide is expected to raise water levels over four meters (13 feet) and, if there is heavy rain, the possibility of the city flooding is very high. Sluice gates, which funnel floodwaters from the city to the sea, are also closed on these days, increasing the possibility of flooding if there are heavy rains. Please be alert if there are heavy rains during the afternoons.

13 Dangerous Days of Monsoon

Date Time Ht of Wave (meters)

2 July 2008 1152 hours 4.57
3 July 2008 1237 hours 4.74
4 July 2008 1325 hours 4.83
5 July 2008 1410 hours 4.84
6 July 2008 1454 hours 4.75
7 July 2008 1537 hours 4.57

1 Aug 2008 1220 hours 4.68
2 Aug 2008 1302 hours 4.8
3 Aug 2008 1341 hours 4.79
4 Aug 2008 1420 hours 4.65

30 Aug 2008 1158 hours 4.59
31 Aug 2008 1220 hours 4.66
1 Sep 2008 1307 hours 4.58

We will be in Mumbai during some of these days.

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  1. Hi Shilpa
    Sorry for not replying earlier! For a while I confused you for Shilpa of Aayi’s recipes!

    And welcome to my world here, and glad you approve of my writing.
    You are the second person to recommend the Pai Restaurant. Sia (or monsoonspice.com) just had a post on it and she loved it! So certainly, when I go to bengaluru next.

    And thanks for the recom to the paratha place. on our last trip we visited ulsoor lake.

    Best wishes and sorry for the delay in replying to your comment.


  2. Hello Arun,
    I am reading your posts from quite some time. But the recent post about Murugan Idli shop , I remember myself and my husband went there for the first time after our engagement. There everything is very good.
    All the posts are good.
    I always remember food over there. Also the post about kamath yatri nivas is also good. Next time when you go to Bangalore i think you must try north karnataka food in Pai restaurant in anand rao circle.
    And if you like paratas then you should try Bobbyda dhaba next to Gurudwara Ulsoor lake.

    I just remember all those my favourite eating places.Waiting to visit India.


  3. Maya:
    Hope all works out for the wedding!
    That is an exciting time; and you are not going?

    PS. we are going for a ‘munjee’ in early july and keeping our fingers crossed. 😐

  4. Hi Arun

    Thanks for that Information…

    I do not live in the US but in Ireland but go thru your website as I think ‘maybe’we have met during my Wadala Math(Ganesh Chaturthi days!!)..

    I will be in Mumbai June- July but fortunately in B’lore and Kumta during the 13 dangerous days of monsoon. Look fwd to the Vada-pav, Dosas and of course Ram Nayak’s..and all the other monsoon delicacies…as we call it Pej & Valli Bhaji Randhye or Kubhya sukke…

    Also like to read your posts abt Shanbhag school, Kumta, Ramnathi Shanterkamakshi temple…Looks like we have the same family roots!!!

    Take care

    Arun Says:

    Hi Sharmila:
    Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself. Welcome!

    and good that you will be far away from mumbai during those 13 days!
    heh, I am planning to be in Kumta too during this visit – for some “school” work. I am currently planning on being there either during the week of July 14th, or July 22nd, for about 4-5 days. Still working some things out.

    WoW! we prolly have a lot of common relatives! Hmmmmm!
    I gather you are originally from Mumbai? And where in Kumta? you can send me mail at arunshanbhag at gmail

    WoW! WoW! Such a small world!

  5. Haha of course not, more like study for the MCAT until I go crazy…that and probably take summer classes…and continue research…so life goes. 🙂

    Arun Says:
    wishing you the best for the MCAT! I know it is so dear to you – go for it!
    … and have a small party 😛 after the mcat!

  6. Take care Arun. Enjoy your trip to Mumbai. I hope you would be safely tucked away under your laptop, at home, during these monsoon days, blogging and eating bhatata vada and bhakharvadi 🙂 Have you eaten in Rama Nayak (Matunga). I am sure you will love a full coarse kannadiga meal there 🙂


    Arun Says:
    Ha hA! You know me too well!
    yes, its going to be really Vada Paav, Medu vada, or rava dosas! with hot Kaapi!

    O, yes, We try and take darshan of Rama Nayak on every visit. its very close to M’s mom’s house. What a blast it is! And great food. So you have eaten there too? Yaay!

  7. Thank you for posting this. My mother will be in Mumbai, as well as Kerala/Tamil Nadu, during that time period. I’ll pass on the information to her.

    Arun Says:
    Perhaps your mom can pick those days and be on the east coast in TN. Hope she has a safe and fun trip.
    … So you get to throw a wild party?

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