Phova Dosa: Beaten Rice Crepes

I am well-fed. Thanks to all foodies on my “Food to Live For” Blogroll (see sidebar), M is inspired to try various dishes. After adapting Sailu’s recipe for our Boston home, M made these delicious Phova poLo with our own onion chutney for brunch.

Phovu (beaten or flattened rice) is a staple of Konkanis and I have previously posted our traditional breakfast, Tambdo Phovu.

The poLo in this recipe reminded us of the konkani delicacy surNoLi. The surNoLi recipe is very similar to the poLo here, with the addition of soyi (grated coconut), the batter being fermented more and the poLo laid heavier (daaTh). In another variation, the batter is mixed with jaggery resulting in a sweet surNoLi.

Pics of making Beaten rice crepes or Phova Dosas by Arun Shanbhag

Ingredients: Dosa

  • Tāndool (rice, 2 cups)
  • Phovu (thin flattened rice, 1/2 cup)
  • MétHi (fenugreek seeds, 1 tsp)
  • MeeTh (salt, to taste)
  • dhayī (yogurt, 2 cups)
  • udaak (water, 1 cup)

Phovu and metHi
Pics of making Beaten rice crepes or Phova Dosas by Arun Shanbhag

Method: Dosas

  • Mix and soak all ingredients overnight. We don’t use any soda bicarbonate, or lemon juice to enhance fermentation.
  • Pics of making Beaten rice crepes or Phova Dosas by Arun Shanbhag

  • Blend thoroughly and keep aside on the counter for four hours to facilitate further fermentation.
  • Pre-heat non-stick pan.
  • Mix batter and adjust to desired consistency by adding water.
  • Ladle out batter and lightly lay over pan in a circle.
  • Batter will flow to achieve optimum size depending on its consistency.
  • Pics of making Beaten rice crepes or Phova Dosas by Arun Shanbhag

  • Freshly laid poLo; cook covered for two minutes
  • Pics of making Beaten rice crepes or Phova Dosas by Arun Shanbhag

  • Note browned edge of poLo indicating the side is done
  • Pics of making Beaten rice crepes or Phova Dosas by Arun Shanbhag

  • Turn over poLo and cook covered for two more minutes.
  • Pics of making Beaten rice crepes or Phova Dosas by Arun Shanbhag

Ingredients: Onion Chutney

  • soyi (grated coconut, 1/2 cup; frozen, microwaved to thaw)
  • red onion (half medium sized, chopped)
  • tambdi mirsang (red peper dry roasted, 2 – 4 for desired ‘hotness’)
  • chinchanm (tamarind, 1 tsp lump)
  • meeTH (salt, to taste)

Method: Chutney

  • Blend all ingredients thoroughly in 1/4 cup water
  • Mix in salt to taste
  • Garnish with chopped onions.

Pics of making Beaten rice crepes or Phova Dosas by Arun Shanbhag

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43 thoughts on “Phova Dosa: Beaten Rice Crepes

Add yours

  1. Hi,

    Lots of nice work Arun…Did you or anyone from your family study in Dharwad? S.D.M College…?

    Everything sounds too much familier…Kumta, Chitragi, Colaba..


  2. Absolutely Lakshmi:
    Actually M is inspired by all you and your friend’s cooking and she has been on a roll making these dishes.
    I do confess, i send her links to delicious recipes from everyones blog. :-))

    and thanks

  3. Wow, Phova PoLe looking very good. I had almost completely forgotten abt Kaandya chutney, long time since I had it. Thanx for reminding with this post. My mom makes another type like this dosa, calls bread dosa ( I have no idea why ). I will try M’s recipe here on the weeknd :)..

    arunaH uvacha:
    let me know how the chutney turns out for you!
    and, we already got the atta going for making surNoli, sans watermelon. 🙂

  4. That’s great news! You must stay with us! You didn’t make the New York lottery eh .. good for me! I’m excited now. Yey!

  5. Hi Sia:
    Updated the URL – you go girl!
    do you have a blogroll :-O

    after those jolada rotis, dosa making must be a breeze for you 😛
    and, yes, that chutney is delicious – its a regular fixture in our home;
    you can even give it “PHuNN,” for enhanced flavor.
    (though will have to check with M on that.)

    I think we are having onion vege uttappams for dinner :-))

    *note to self – work out longer before getting home*

  6. lucky u 🙂 i have to cook for myself if i want to eat this dosa 😉 and i am gonna make that chutney pretty soon. thanks to M and ofcourse you too 🙂
    and i am happy to see my name in ur blogroll. can you plz change its URL to plzzzz ….

  7. Ha hA! you are always welcome!
    Though you never know what’s cooking in the kitchen!

    I can never guess what M is upto next;
    whatever it is, I do know it’s going to be nice
    I am well-fed!

    And let us know when you are stopping by

  8. Arun:

    I am looking for flights to get to Boston 🙂 Please tell M to save some of the yummies…… and don’t forget the chutney 🙂 “uninvited guest” — is the price you pay for such a mouth watering post 🙂 🙂


  9. Ha Ha! Sudeepta:
    The travails of marrying a konkani boy :-))

    You too will love this poLo, and particularly if the yogurt goes sour you’ll get nicely puffy poLo!

    And regarding this onion chutney? I could eat it with just about anything! :-)) And it is super easy to make; key is to figure out how many mirsaang to add.

    M is like you – she prefers the idli and sambar to poLo and chutney!
    and she gets her way more often! 🙂

    and heh, I’m coming to DC in October end!

  10. I am inspired to make this polo. Yogurt out here does get a bit sour so I’m hoping this will turn out ok. Ash loves poLos of every type. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    I remembered my bapamma when i saw the onion chutney pic. She makes it with idli very often and I used to be a
    chutney-hating sambar-loving kid & would make a face when I saw it was this chutney instead of sambar. Well, I am now married to a guy who is chutney-loving and sambar-indifferent, so I end up making chutney more than sambar! I haven’t made this one ever and should try it this time. Thanks for posting this.

  11. Hi Asha:
    and yes, the onion chutney appears to be typically konkani and we make it for just about any dosa or idli. Its easy to make and spicy! Give it a try.


  12. Hi Shilpa:
    Very familiar with Taka PoLo,” and it is supposed to be easy for digestion. Easy to make; Enjoy and please share.

    Unfortunately, yogurt does not get very sour here – it is always cool here in Boston; and this summer for eg, we have not used a blanket for about 2 nights only. 🙂

  13. U won’t believe it…I was thinking about this post too :). V’s grandmom gave me the recipe when I was in India. Its a bit different than this and she called it “Taka pole”.

    I want to eat this NOW…so gonnu prepare it for tomorrow.

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