Street Food: Alaskan Killer Shrimp

If these get you salivating, blame Sia who is hosting Street food Festivities!

After psychedelic uttapams from Murugan Idli in Chennai, I’ll zip you around the globe to Alaska for some spicy Killer Shrimp.

Last year this week in Alaska, we marveled in awe at Glaciers, and ooohed and aaahed at antics of humpback whales and those colorful, darling puffins. En route in Anchorage, we snacked on these Killer Shrimp freshly prepared at an open air stall – the closest you’ll get to street food in the US.

A mother and daughter team fried giant shrimp in butter and a medley of spices.

So much butter, the shrimp would be aflame! Then, I had just run my Boston Marathon and was not counting calories.

Once the butter was all melted, they’d pour it in a soup cup and serve with french baguettes. Soak the bread in the spicy brew and then munch on the shrimp. Oooooh! That was lunch!

Their stall! With a stick of butter, the sauce was certainly ‘luxurious!’

Our Alaska Trip:

  • Alaska: Glaciers (New Year Greeting)
  • Oh Alaska
  • Alaska: Birds Galore
  • Alaska: Humpback Whales
  • Alaska: Puffin Madness
  • Alaska: Seagulls
  • Alaska: Bald Eagles
  • 25 thoughts on “Street Food: Alaskan Killer Shrimp

    Add yours

    1. Yes, Maya!

      That much. Thankfully, when I went to take the pics, M was just sitting at the outdoor and did not “see the damage.” ๐Ÿ™‚

      and exactly, you gotta try it!

      sorry about that ‘thonda udak etha’ :-E

    2. Viji:
      Fabulous to hear of your trip to SE Alaska. Initially that was what we had planned and then settled Anchorage, Denali and Seward. What an amazing land!

      We certainly want to go again. Didn’t do Barrow, but that has to be a trip in itself. Do you have pics from your trip? See, you need your own blog! Or do a Google picasa album and send me a link!

      Heh – good to hear that you are veg! But delicious looking, no?

    3. Hi Arun:

      This time I am not so J because I am a lacto vegetarian who don’t even eat eggs. But your links to Alaska makes me want to visit the place. My husband Raja and I spent about a week in south eastern Alaska about 6 years ago, visiting Glacier Bay National Park, trekking Mendenhall Glacier and touring Juneau, Skagway and other places. But we didn’t have time to go up to Anchorage and Barrows. One of these days…


    4. Hi Sia:
      After my Murugan Idli post, folks were taking numbers to kill me!

      Thought I’ll deflect the blame elsewhere! Looks like it’s working.
      No death threats lately :-))

    5. this is so unfair Arun. first i am nicely getting tortured whenever new entry is sent to my mailbox and now you are asking others to blame me for choosing street food theme!!! bhoo to you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    6. Saroj –
      konkani is a good way to be. Look, Steve Jobs appears to be a konkani too, errr pescatarian.

      And don’t be hard on y our self for not travelling – it was only a few years after my phd that I started to travel – so you have a long way to go. Your time will come. Till then, you know what you have to focus on. ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. Haha yea I’m currently “pescatarian” which I guess is essentially Konkani veg. :p

      That shrimp looks so good! Lord knows when I’m ever going to get to see anything outside of the tri-state area, let alone Alaska!

    8. Shilpa:
      You know, Konkani Vegetarian includes fish ๐Ÿ˜€

      Seriously, When ever we eat seafood, we go out and eat; In the summers, we indulge ourselves by grilling (outside the house).
      We enjoy that a lot!

      You will see a few more posts of seafood and grilled fish. ๐Ÿ˜

      When you visit us, we will grill fish for you! (weather permitting).

    9. I thought you were vegetarian…Are you going to kill us now by all those delicious nonveg pictures too??? Grrrr……I love love shrimp.

    10. Asha:
      You’d love Alaska! You gotta go soon, or all those glaciers will have melted.

      Ooooh Hawaii, Spectacularly beautiful! Make sure you get to the Big Island where you can see the active volcano!

    11. We would love to visit Alaska one day, planning to go to Hawaii next year, may be after that.

      Looks great, I don’t eat Shrimp although I have heard that they are tasty!:))

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