Street Food: Seafood in Salzburg

Salzburg is a very artistic city. Everything here is named after its favorite son, Mozart: statues, banners, chocolates, t-shirts, buses and every lamp post! A stone’s throw from his birth place, we did find this eatery with nothing named Mozart.

The seafood arrayed here was sufficient to make any fish lover (Konkani) giddy with joy. And trust the Austrians to present the fish, surgically clean. Before you start to curse me, we did not try any of this – see, we had just finished a beautiful Austrian breakfast and were in no mood for seafood. But delicious no? (see more pics below).
pictures of seafood in Salzburg Austria by Arun Shanbhag
Of course, we did have delicious soft serve ice cream. On a hot day, it melted faster than I could keep up!
Picture of ice cream in Salzburg Austria by Arun Shanbhag

Before you venture further, some related Streetfoods:

We did stop by the house where Mozart was born. But did not pay exorbitant fees to wander in. Do you know how many ice creams you can get for 8 euros?

Picture of Mozart's Birthplace in Salzburg Austria by Arun Shanbhag
Mozart’s Birthplace, but did not pay the exorbitant 8 euros to walk around.

The Complete Travelogue from Austria:

29 thoughts on “Street Food: Seafood in Salzburg

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  1. Visited Salzburg, the mozart place. Remembered Meera in Mirabell gardens 🙂 hohen salzburg castle and untersberg were wonderful..but couldn’t locate Mozart’s birth place with the little time we had after covering all these places.

    1. Chaitra, glad you guys had a wonderful time going through Salzburg.
      Mozart’s birthplace is right downtown in the touristy area. Yes, all the houses look so alike (and beautiful) it is easy to miss.
      Hope you had a chance to visit other places in Austria too.

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