Oh Alaska: Bald Eagles

When planning our trip to Alaska, there were many things M & I wanted to see and do there, but observing Bald Eagles was not one of them. This was purely out of ignorance; I didn’t know Alaska was THE place to see Bald Eagles.

It was in Anchorage, a friend pointed out a bald eagle circling high! Their wide wing span, barely moving as it rode the air currents; the unmistakable white head and they are loners. We saw a couple picking fish entrails during low tide. Then, I did not have a zoom on my camera.

I noticed a few during our travels, but they flew high in the sky, or over the tree line in the distance. It was amazing to see how deftly they steered on air currents and imperceptibly tweaked their wings as they glided effortlessly.

Returning from our day long cruise seeing glaciers, whales, puffins and sea gulls, we got lucky. As the boat entered the harbor, the pilot noticed a bald eagle perched on a concrete piling. He idled the engine at a distance, allowing us ring-side seats to bald eagles (and I had my zoom on!). In a few minutes, its mate arrived (see opening pic). See how gracefully, yet determinedly it approaches the piling; notice the sharp talons and you realize this is a bird of prey.

The pair hung out for a few minutes surveying the water. Admire their pride, their piercing gaze. What majesty!

Then they flew away. Just look at those talons! WOW!
For these and all the wonders of glaciers and animals, I’d gladly walk a few more blocks than pollute the environment with a gas guzzler. For them, I use less, reuse and recycle. Do your part!

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