Pushkar’s First

One reason for our recent trip to Bharat was to help my nephew Pushkar, celebrate his first birthday. He is a true champ. For more than an hour, cousins, uncles, aunts, grand parents and all relatives, took turns hugging, babbling to him and asking him to smile and do this and that – did they really believe that he understood and felt any need to oblige? And during the entire festivities, he maintained his composure, did not moan, groan or wail! A true champ!

In the opening pic, he sits on his mother’s lap while his grandmother performs the traditional aarti. Look how fascinated he is with the tuup diyas, but does not try to reach for them. For the curious, even though this was his first birthday, an aarti is never performed with only one diya, and thus the two on the plate.

Curious fella, this Pushkar!

Not long before he gets the girls coo-ing.

A memorable series of Pushkar munching Parle G biscuits, which a generation ago his father did.

21 thoughts on “Pushkar’s First

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  1. Ha hA! Sia:
    Will remember your offer to pose with the Parle-G! πŸ˜€
    December is such a perfect time to go to India! Envy you.
    Heh, you should visit Kumta and see the School there!

  2. oh yes!!! i will surely pose with parle-G πŸ™‚
    glad to know u had wonderful time. and we just booked our ticket for december πŸ˜‰ i am soooo exicited

  3. Ohhh U went to Baad !! I’d have asked you to visit my Grandparents house if I knew earlier..Yes, its a beautiful place..

    arunaH uvacha:
    ha hA! Baad is so close by, we go there every time I’m in Kumta. Reminds me of the beauty of the place. Next time i’ll certainly let you know in advance. Would love to meet your family.

  4. THank you Sia and
    so fabulous to hear from you!

    I see that you are very busy with your ‘Round-up.’ Yaay!

    yes, Pushkar is such a wonderful kid and we had a great time playing with him.

    Surprisingly, I did not take too many pics on this visit, was simply enjoying our extended family, friends and only travelled to the familiar places (Chennai, Goa and Kumta!) But certainly interesting posts coming up.

    Best to you both.

  5. and i am longing for those Parle-G bics πŸ™‚

    arunaH uvacha:
    ha ha Sia!
    If I get some Parle-G for you, will you pose for me with the biscuits?
    heeee heeee!

  6. OMG!!! Pushkar is sooooooooo cute and that dimple on cheeck. i am already ‘fida’ on him πŸ™‚
    welcome bk Arun. hope to see many more colourful pics of ur Bharat trip

  7. Thank you Maya for your wishes;
    you are absolutely right! It was fantastic to celebrate with hoards of family and friends;
    Only in India!
    and we went to Baad beach – again fabulous!

  8. How cute he looks :)…Belated wishes to him and how lucky to have so many relatives and family to bless him on his special day..

  9. Hey Arun dada,
    Grt pics, I loved his pic with the dimple and the fishy smile. I really missed his birthday .

    U won’t believe even i carry the mini Parle-G to work , its gets your energy back.

    Send me his birthday pic’s plsssssssss.

  10. Oh he’s adorable! Happy belated Pushkar! Reminds me very much of my brother when he was that age, though now he’s just turned 16!

  11. Thank you Smitha:
    yes, we love the Parle Gs too. I have seen those jumbo packs, but the pb is, when you open the pack, you have 50 biscuits to keep secure. I actually like their mini packs which I take to work and finish off in one sitting!

    Enjoy the Parle G! and thanks for your wishes for Pushkar!

  12. oh what a cute one!! happy belated birthday Pushkar! Hope he is blessed with a long healthy happy life!

    oh Parle-G is a timeless snack!! We saw a jumbo pack of it at Safeway the other day and got ever so excited!! (we usually get ours from the Indian store!)

  13. Puskar is soooo cute. Not only the girls, but I won’t be surprised if eveyone else is coo-ing too. He is adorable. Happy belated birthday Pushkar.

    Welcome back A and M. Hope you had a great time.


    arunaH uvacha:
    Thank you Viji; I am sure his parents will read your comments and glow with pride.
    we had a great time and in a way, good to be baaaaack!

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