Reclaiming India

An interesting Editorial in the Times of India, by Tarun Vijay. I particularly liked his rebuttal to Omar Abdullah,

But he must stop to think why he can own a bungalow in Delhi or Bangalore and at the same time deny that privilege to a fellow Indian in Kashmir?

Do you think our elite, secular fundamentalists will brand him a patriot?

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  1. Hi Lakshmi:
    Actually, this was the first time I had read an Editorial, the title enticed me and I like the rebuttal line I quoted above.

    I am not familiar with Tarun Vijay’s writings; he certainly does have a flair for jingoism. Ha hA!

    Hope you and ma are doing well.

  2. I am not a great fan of Tarun Vijay – but I have to say there are many bits where he’s very rightly pointed out how fundamentalist politics in India is – whether people label themselves secular or otherwise.

  3. Ha hA! Sia!
    my one and only fan! :-O

    you like: “elite, secular fundamentalists”
    took many iterations to get it right :-E

    Go Ahead – write something!
    how much “ghasshi” can we eat, afterall! :-))

  4. went through Arun’s article. brillent piece!!!
    need we say more abt indian politians? if i start with it, i’ll end up writing one long article and spamming ur comment section with few ‘good’ words 😉
    elite, secular fundamentalists??? LOL… u crack me up Arun…

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