Reading: Wide Angle Lens

A few interesting things. Lets start with wine!

  • An eco-smart alternative to the wine bottle.
  • Slideshow: “Making French Rabbit’s New Eco-Smart Wine Bottle,” Fast Company.

    Seeing this feature in Fast Company, I tried French Rabbit’s Cabernet Sauvignon. Fantastic and it goes superbly well with my grilled salmon. Importantly, a tetra pack has 1 L wine compared to 750 ml of a regular bottle and it was inexpensive ~ $7.99! Our guests loved it too!

    See more reviews here.

  • Plain vanilla gets you to your retirement goals faster!
  • Made to Stick: The Myth of Mutual Funds | Fast Company.

    These authors of the bestseller, Made to Stick, remind us why investing in Vanguard’s S&P 500 Index fund is the way to go! And don’t be mesmerized by the glib talking financial advisers, who are looking after their own retirement! Make money for yourself, not for the financial adviser!

  • AdventNet’s Sridhar Vembu: Deflating IT
  • So fabulous to see Sridhar Vembu featured in The Economist.
    AdventNet’s Sridhar Vembu | The Economist.

    “SRIDHAR VEMBU is a dangerous man. If he succeeds, a lot of people will lose a lot of money: software developers, consultants, shareholders and others. The chief executive of AdventNet does not have fraud in mind. Instead, he wants to remove what he calls the “value-pad” from corporate IT in general and business software in particular: all those millions of dollars he thinks are wasted on inefficient production structures, marketing and, not least, proprietary standards. “In the world of corporate IT”, he says, “the low-cost revolution is very much unfinished business.”

  • Racist policies of the LPGA
  • The recent policy of the LPGA, that all players pass an oral english test was rightly criticized. From the New York Times: Editorial – A Bad Idea From the LPGA.

    The LPGA has since revised its policy: L.P.G.A. Will Revise Its Policy on English –, but as the following quote from their Deputy Commissioner suggests, they just don’t get it!

    “In an interview with The New York Times last week, Libba Galloway, the deputy commissioner of the L.P.G.A., defended the policy and said the suspension penalty was fundamental to it.

    “…, this is puzzling to us because we think we are ensuring that our membership is better equipped to succeed by having them effectively communicate in English,” she said. “We are equipping them with the necessary tools for maximizing their potential off-course earning opportunities. The suspension demonstrates the importance we are placing on effective communication in English.”

    Nearly half a millennia ago, when the Portuguese butchered and forcibly converted the Konkanis in Goa, their rationale was similar: “They don’t know it yet, we are just saving their souls!”

    Centuries later when the British colonized India, their rationale was similar, “we are bringing culture and civilization to these savages.”

    And similarly in Iraq: We have to destroy them to save them!

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  1. I am pretty sure that tetrapaks are recyclable. Our town recycling program accepts them for recycling. They ask us to put tetrapaks along with plastic and glass recyclables, not with paper. I don’t know if they really recycle them or just burn them but, they surely do collect them every week.

  2. Hi Sudeepta:

    These tetrapaks are aluminum coated – but I agree, I don’t think they are recyclable.

    The eco-smart comes from NOT using bottles! Apparently (from the article) the weight of the glass bottles is what makes transportation of the wine very expensive! Further, because they are fragile, they need to use more packing! I don’t remember the actual numbers, but actual shipping costs (and gas/diesel burn’t) was about a third lower with the tetrapaks; also less packaging was required.

    And importantly for ME! while wine bottles come in 750 ml capacity, the tetrapaks are 1L :-))

    Irrespective, I really liked the wine!

    and so will you!

  3. Tetrapaks are eco-smart? I know they are not recyclable – do you know why they are called eco-smart? I would think glass is a little greener than waxed cardboard – our County infact refuses to take any tetrapaks – they claim no recycler takes them.. hmmm I will have to look into this (maybe mull it over a glass of wine ;))

  4. Hello, Mr. Shanbhag!!

    I found your link on vegeyum’s blog while searching for info on rosematta rice. On the comment, you mentioned something about writing a post with more detailed pictures on the red rice. I couldn’t locate it, though.

    I find your observations and photography fascinating.

    arunaH uvacha:
    Hi Agda:
    yes! Thank you for the reminder! I need to post on the ‘boiled” rice. Will do that soon.
    Thank you for your patience


  5. Ha ha Parag!
    Sorry to disappoint; I used wide angle lens and a figure of speech; a broad array of topics were discussed here 🙂

    And definitely try the vino.

    and which lens are you thinking about? Diwali is close! 🙂

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