BAA Boston Half Marathon 2008

BAA boston half marathon medal Brooks Adrenaline Shoes

Boston Half Marathon 2008
time: 1:53:09
pace: 8:38/mile

Enjoyed a nice run on a spectacular Fall Sunday here in Boston! The air was crisp and sunlight poked through leaves in all hues of red and yellow! On this blessedly beautiful morning, everyone ended a winner!

I ran like on a careless stroll and did not check my watch till the race was over! Then, I wished I had run a bit faster! This half marathon was part of the taper before the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon (Washington DC) next Sunday (26th). This was not the time for heroics and my legs needed to rest after the 20-miler I did the previous week.

Big Foot Stories:
During this training season, my feet (toes and mid-foot) have been achy after long runs. Thinking it time to refresh my shoes, I ordered a new pair of the same type I have been wearing for three years: Brooks GTS 8 “Adrenaline.” Surprisingly, the new shoes appeared too snug and my foot still hurt after a short run.

I moaned and groaned about my shoe plight to my “Honorary Coach,” Mike Roche who owns the Boston Running Co, where I get all my shoes. BTW, Mike is an ex-US Olympian and specialized in the 10 miler.

He patiently listened and spurted quintessential gyaan: Arun, did you check your foot size lately? After a few marathons, feet do stretch and become bigger!

The last time my shoe size changed was in my early 20s, like two decades ago! But we checked anyway, and … lo and behold, my feet are now a whole size bigger!

He ordered size 10 Adrenalines and they came in on Friday. The shoes fitted well, but I felt odd wearing these monsters! With Mike agreeing, I decided to wear these for the half marathon on Sunday! I’d never recommend anyone wear a new pair of shoes for a big run, certainly not a whole size bigger shoe! But a full marathon was only two weeks away and I had to try this pair.

On Friday evening I ran a mile on the treadmill with the new shoes and fussed with the laces to get them right! And then, very tentatively, wore them for the half marathon! My friends thought I was crazy; I concurred, but it had to be done!

Once the race started, my mind focussed on all the other mechanics of running: my posture during the uphills, relaxing during the down hills, controlling my pace, enjoying the color show put on by the trees – and soon, completely forgot I had a new pair of shoes!

At the end, I celebrated! A great run and my new pair of shoes for my newly big feet!! These will carry me around Washington DC during the Marine Corps Marathon on the 26th! Yaay!

Its all in the shoes!
Run ARUN Run!

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20 thoughts on “BAA Boston Half Marathon 2008

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  1. Hi a rao:
    Thank you for your comment and sorry for the delay in replying. We were away for the Marine Corps Marathon :-))

    I used to run in Saucony Grids for many years, usually 3-4 miles a day. But every time I went further I started getting aches. Before my first marathon I had my gait analyzed and I was recommend a moderate stability shoe. In this version I did try the Saucony, but the Brooks Adrenaline fit my foot shape better. My feet are more duck feet like – really!

    That same evening I ran 5 miles in my brand new Adrenalines and felt great!!! Since then I haven’t gone back!

    But Sauconys are great shoes, my friends wear them – but the Brooks Adrenaline fit my foot better.

    ENjoy your runs! The shoes just carry us around!

    Its the shoes!

  2. Arun,
    as a frequent consumer of your blog I feel as though I know you. Try the Saucony Grid shoes for running. I use them almost every day for my 3 and 5 mile workouts. They are the most comfortable shoes I have used. Living vicariously thru your marathon exploits.


  3. The first domain name ain’t gonna happen in a million years. :p

    The second one…who knows? Or perhaps :p

    I’ll probably register an account soon, but I feel guilty spending money to change the domain name when I’m still scrambling to pay for NYU! Maybe once I land my book deal…;)

  4. No, saroj – did not get in the NYC lottery (again!)
    but I am running the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday!
    but I am definitely running NYC next year!
    (courtesy of being rejected three times in a row!) πŸ™‚

    First, register a domain name;
    then start a regular blog
    then switch.

    Actually, very easy

    I can walk you through it. First register the domain you want!
    keep it nice and easy, like



  5. Congrats again! Will you be at the New York Marathon?

    Oh, and I was wondering how to go about getting a WordPress blog…sans “” πŸ™‚

  6. Ouch Sia!

    11.5 miles is nothing to laugh about – I hope you guys were carrying water! and glad you ended up fine! At least you guys were no where near Loch Ness! :-))

    and let me know about your feet size heee heeee!
    Of course, its K’s fault that you had to walk so much; so the least he can do is give you a foot massage!

    and Thanks!

  7. wowie πŸ™‚ congrats Arun…
    I am resting my feet after walking for 11.5 miles… why? coz we managed to get lost in moorland w/o map πŸ˜‰ our weekend small walk of 5 miles turned out be quite an adventure… πŸ˜€ now let me check my feet size… he he he…

  8. Run Arun!
    Your post reminds me of a story in Dandelion Wine – about the summer tradition of getting new shoes, and a boy’s excitement at wearing them for the first time… the poetry, the romance πŸ˜€
    Gluck for the upcoming ones!

    arunaH uvacha:
    have been sheltered from southern lit since my Clemson days (excepting the occasional Maya Angelou, and Secret Life of Bees!)
    but here, running speak is what bores M! Its either shoes, or socks, or t’s and whatever else! M smacks her head.

    I only ask: would you rather I talk endlessly about the Red Sox? and make a fool of myself spending moolah on stupid red sox attire?

    She gives in, …
    but is thrilled the marathon is over next week! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Arun,

    Congrats for successfully completing the marathon!!!. Good luck for the next one. Was just wondering, the title below the snap says, “Boston Half Marathon 2007”, shouldn’t it be “Boston Half Marathon 2008”?


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