Mumbai Blasts: Day 2 Live Blogging

This Day 2 Post continues where I left off from Mumbai Blasts: Day 1

Update: between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm; Indian Time; Friday Nov 28th
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All these pics are from INSIDE the Secure Staging Cordon in front of the Taj; assembled here were fire engines, ambulances, Police forces, some of the Rapid Reaction Forces and some commandos; And ALL media types!

Scores of reporters looking at the Taj within the staging cordon in front of the Taj Intercontinental; Gateway of India in the back!
Reporters in front of Taj

Every time we heard a blast or gunfire, everyone looked at the Taj to try and figure out where it came from.
blasts at Taj

Scarred Beauty! Really! The Taj Still stands Tall!
Taj after the fire

A person holding a sign supporting the troops. Nice!
support our forces

Sorry, some pics are blurry; it was getting dark and police asked me not to use a flash inside the cordon. Apparently the flash may be mistaken for gunfire by commandos or terrorists.
Some of the commandos on the ready!

Forces in Flak jackets in front of the Main Entrance of Taj IC; Taj IC was the forward Staging area! I think these guys were ATS guys! Sorry for blurrypics; no flash!
ATS Guys in front of the Taj intercontinental

BBC International TV Crew which interviewed me. :-))

Update: ~ 2:00 pm; Indian Time; Friday Nov 28th

This series of pics is from SB Road, aka Colaba Causeway! COnnecting Regal Cinema on the North to the Street leading to the Nariman Bldg. This street is the main busy street and runs parallel to the Taj Mahal also. Thus all access road leading to Taj cross SB Road. Thus Police have a strong interest to control traffic on this Rd. Also, Leopold Cafe, where the terrorist started the shooting is on this road. So is our house! Pics are from around 2 pm this afternoon.

Armed personnel patrolling SB Road
Mumbai Blasts

Crowd gathered and peering down Nowroji Street leading to the Taj. Police have barricaded the st, so folks are gathered on SB road and are likely looking towards the Taj
Mumbai Blasts

Remember I said earlier, something is going on? An ambulance raced from Police Station (you don’t need to know where exactly) South on SB Rd towards Nariman Bldg
Mumbai Blasts

Followed by two trucks of Rapid Action Force personnel.
Mumbai Blasts

See the two trucks staging right after the Cusrow Baug main entrance. This is still a few blocks before the Nariman Bldg. Prolly setting up a Barrier cordon. They are now OFF SB Rd and I feel comfortable sharing these time delayed images!
Mumbai Blasts

Followed by a truck with Army personnel!
Mumbai Blasts

Just before this, Police had taken aggressive action to put a “nakabandi” in place on SB Road and within a few minutes all traffic on SB Rd was halted; See how the entire Rd is now deserted. For bearings. This is looking North and at the end of the Rd is the Rotary leading to the museum ahead and Regal Cinema on the Right.
Mumbai Blasts

Update: ~ 9:00 am; Indian Time; Friday Nov 28th
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Tight crop of Commandos on Nariman Bldg
NSG Commandos atop Nariman Bldg

Helicopters are buzzing straight overhead our building as they circle Nariman Bldg!
Helicopters circling overhead

Helicopters circling overhead

Helicopters circling overhead

Closeup of burnt dome of Taj from this morning
burnt dome of Taj

Update: ~ 7:45 – 8:00 am; Indian Time; Friday Nov 28th
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Posting Pics on FLickr! username “shanbhag”

(Right click and download images for larger sizes ~ 6 inch wide)
Commando Insertion on top of Nariman Building. Pics taken from my terrace; For bearings. This is Due South of our Building; Taj is Nearly East.

Nariman Bldg IS Orthodox Jewish group Chabad Lubavitch; Or Chabbad House!
It is about a third of a mile from our home!

Helicopter approaching Nariman Bldg

Wide view to show densely built up area! You can see a commando rappelling down
commando insertion Nariman Bldg

These images cropped to show commandos rappelling down!
commando insertion Nariman Bldg
One more!
commando insertion Nariman Bldg
More! You can see other commandos on terrace – peer closely!
commando insertion Nariman Bldg

Helicopter leaving; Guide line trailing as it was winched up!
commando insertion Nariman Bldg

Update: ~ 6:45 – 7:00 am:Indian Time; Friday Nov 28th
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Was tossing and turning since 5 this morning; Sky was still dark. Finally got up, and checked Online; Walked up to the Terrace to see the TAJ! IT IS STILL THERE! ~ 6:45 am

The dome which was burning last night is nearly all gone! The base of the dome still appears to be aflame! Little smoke;
taj burning mumbai blasts

A wider angle view taking in the Taj-Intercontinental!
taj burning mumbai blasts

You can see the missing dome in yesterdays pics of the Taj! (reverse chronological)
Taj Burning
Taj Burning
Taj Burning Mumbai blasts 26/11

Dudhwallah (milkman) measures out milk. Papa asks to take extra milk (2 L) as we don’t know if we need to stock up for the next day. Dudhwallah is happier coz all businesses are still closed and thus there is less demand for milk.
Milkman delivers

67 thoughts on “Mumbai Blasts: Day 2 Live Blogging

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  1. Superb photographic commentary on the carnage and the bounceback. You are as much a hero as the others. I read about your pics in the Hindu today and decided to visit this site. I must say it was a revelation.

  2. Ellen:
    Many THanks – got a few minutes break and saw your comment come across. Lets chat when this crisis is over; In the midst of all this, I’m still trying to keep up with my running.

    Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

  3. Arun, I hope you are safe and want you to know I’m thinking of you and your family. Thanks for letting us know what is going on.

  4. Hello,

    I would like like to share the words of a placard I saw on NDTV couple of days ago. This placard was held by a man standing outside the majestic Taj, bruised and burned.

    “Mr Terrorist: I am still alive, what will you do?
    My Politician: I am still alive, despite you”

    This man could not put his thoughts in a better way. We have had enough and I think the politicians of India need to be made to work for their astronomical wages.

    Jai hind

  5. Quite some pics! You were really close. Glad that you and family are OK.

    Arun Says:
    THanks VIneet:
    M, I and the rest of our extended family are all safe – amazingly!
    Regards to KVNR

  6. Even though I am in South Mumbai, quite far from where all this happened. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be so close to what was happening.

    I got an aunt near Nariman Building and my mom mentioned that then she called up this aunt to ask if everything was okay, she could hear gunshots over the phone. Sent a chill through me. Must have been quite scary.

    Am glad the Taj is still standing and that it didn’t get blown up.

    Thanks for capturing these pictures.

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