Mumbai Blasts: One Month On

Its been a month, but seems like only yesterday that I woke to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai! So many vigils, memorials, speeches and even some saber rattling! But really, what is different?

Other than a few cosmetic changes, the same incompetent and corrupt politicians are running the show. Condi Rice made a trip and gave some stern warnings. Pakistan blows smoke! India, the supposedly emerging super power, appears impotent! Folks are getting back to their daily grind. The traffic is still horrible and Chalta Hai rules!

Just returned to winter in Boston, after an all consuming trip to India. Still catching up on my emails, but the snow has been cleared from the driveway! Organizing my pics is a big chore, made easier by munching on delicious mithai (sweets) we brought back.

Created a summary of my Mumbai Blast posts and it is now a top-level TAB: Mumbai Blasts! on my home page. Was surprised at the attention the blog got during the Mumbai blasts. Thanks to all my friends and you readers who directed my attention to the various mentions in the main-stream media. I have listed (and linked) to all media at the Mumbai Blasts! TAB. If you know of others, kindly send me a link.

Appreciate the kinds words that many friends and even complete strangers shared via comments and emails over the last month. I treasure them all and as I reread many comments, I am overwhelmed by the kindness of so many. We humans have such a magnificent capacity for love and compassion. Yet, some humans, inhumans actually, can be so cruel. Verily, tragedy brings us closer; but does it require a tragedy?

Soon I hope to get back to my regular postings on delicious foods, exotic travels and beautiful people. And soon too, I will start to visit your blogs and read your latest happenings.

Hope your Holidays have been as blessedly beautiful as ours has been!

And since you have made it so far: This is my 400th post! Yaay!

14 thoughts on “Mumbai Blasts: One Month On

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  1. Hi Shradha, are you back in sunny CA? :}

    In a sense it is good that our people can ‘move on,’ but the sad part is that our politicians know that and can take advantage of the situation! And importantly, Pakistan can dilly dally till folks forget!


    or the sacrifices for what?

  2. Hope u r enjoying the winter holidays Arun.
    Hard to believe that it has only been a month since the tragedy – to me, it seems like so long ago. sad how quickly we all move on. wonder what happens to those who don’t, or can’t… *sigh* gosh, i’m depressed now. 😦

  3. Hi Arun Glad you are back from Mumbai, how was the wedding?
    The Politicians are so corrupt that they will sell their wives if they can save their life, this time I thought the Media had awakned and would keep up the pressure on the corrupt politicians but alas they are back to getting their ratings up and there is no follow up.
    Lets hope the strong words of PC( our home minister)will bring some results.
    Keep Up the good work so we can stay in touch with our Beloved Bombay.
    Mr De

    1. Mr De! So fabulous to hear from you!

      A hearty greetings to you! Exactly my thought on the fickle media! Aaarrrggghhh!
      I think it will be left to citizens to do something!
      I also wonder if all this tough talk is just for show ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections. Sick Politicians!

      Fabulous wedding! But nothing to compare the show you guys put last year! Still the gold standard! :-))
      It was great though to meet with an extended family! And great food!

      Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi Meera:
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts – yes! politicians are hurting the country more than helping it!

    and thanks for the recommendation of Wednesday – will find it on Netflix!


  5. I hope these politicians stop dividing people and take some action against real crimes. But unfortunately everyone has “chalta hain, jaane do” attitude.

    Just watched the movie “Wednesday” starring Anupam Kher and Nasiruddin Shah. A movie worth watching which depicts
    the strength of a common man.

    Happy Holidays to you & yours!

  6. Hi Sonu:

    Yes, the politicians are the scum of the earth! and they still strut about with big grins on their faces! I think its high time the common folks take things into their own hands – and get rid of the politicians! :-))

    Sorry to hear of your relatives; Terrorists are inhuman and only muslim in name. They are the garden variety of criminals with fancy weapons! Consider the lone surviving terrorist – he easily killed innocents when he had his guns. Once he was in the custody of our security forces, he cries: “I want to talk to my mommy!” What a wimp!

  7. Hi Arun,
    How are you…? Hope you are absolutely fine and enjoying ur life. sahi baat hai…besharm politicians ko to koi farak nahi padne wala itna sab hua fir bhi…:( humara desh bas khuda k bharose chal raha hai…kyu hai na…? ab sab kuch bhagwan k haath me hi hai…!

    U knw, we had Muslim relatives in Mumbai since a long time, they used to live at Colaba area and killed by a terrorist who came into their house through a opened window which was by mistake remained opened and they killed when they were sleeping. I got this news just 2 weeks ago. How sad na…how cruel…! 😦

    Anyway, Arun…I am waiting for your usual post in your blog. 🙂 Hope your family is fine with all aspects.
    Happy Holidays and wish you & yours a HAPPY NEW YEAR…!

  8. Thank you Poornima:
    Absolutely memorable in so many ways!
    but it is great to be back to my ‘normal’ routine.

    Looking forward to getting back to posting!

    Hope you are all enjoying the Holidays

  9. Nice to see your post after a long time. This time your trip to India seem to be a memorable one. Looking forward to read your posts..


  10. Thank you Saroj:

    Had a fabulous trip and importantly, … great food! Dec is supposedly nice, but this year it was as hot as summer! So I suffered through it.

    And yes, waiting to get back to more sedate posts 🙂

    Bestest and hope you are enjoying the holidays!

  11. I’m glad that you were able to weather that situation safely, and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in India! I wish I had time to go myself. India’s supposed to be pretty nice this time of the year. C’est la vie.

    I’m looking forward to more posts! 🙂

  12. Absolutely Anu – the common person is struggling to make a living and wants to get back to normal;
    … while the politicians bicker and strut about with commandos for security!

    Yes, looks like my stash is going to outlast the holidays!

  13. It is very sad, just what we feared was going to happen… we forget things way too soon. Can’t blame the people, they have their own lives to get on with. Pathetic to see that our government is this laid back. Some things never change (we can only hope)

    So, I am glad you are back in the US. Looks like the sweets and munchies from India are keeping you busy! 🙂

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