Sahana & Suneel in the Boston Public Garden

Suneel and Sahana in the Boston Public Garden Arun Shanbhag
Earlier in the Fall, we joined friends for a Dim Sum lunch in Boston’s Chinatown. After a belt-loosening fiesta, we ambled through the Boston Commons and Public Garden for nature’s Fall color show.

There I took pics of their kids, the eminently cuddly Sahana and her adorable brother Suneel. Over the holidays, Sahana showed me with great pride, her newly painted toe-nails and secretly whispered in my ear: “I love you!” I want two, just like her!

Suneel has a knack for stumping us with a question for everything. For eg. when noticing the signs, “Stop on Red!” he asks why there are no signs which read, “Go on Green?” He is a riot, and leaves his school teachers and even his karate instructor scratching their heads. When Suneel is asked to do a side kick, he retorts, “Why should I kick on the side, there is no one there!” Thankfully during our Dim Sum lunch, we were able to satisfy some of his queries.

And one, which made their Holiday Greeting card.
Suneel and Sahana in the Boston Public Garden

Previous pics from the Boston Public Garden:

21 thoughts on “Sahana & Suneel in the Boston Public Garden

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  1. Im always at a loss for words when three year old Aditi comes up to me and tells me.. look at my new tee.. its GAP!

    At that age I didnt know what brands were!!!

    Wishing you the best for the new year too!

  2. So adorable.

    My cousin Aditi too loves to show off painted toe nails.. in tick tock shoes of course.
    I want a few just like them!

    Arun Says:
    Little girls are the best! They will keep up to date on the latest fashions too
    Ha hA :-))

    Nikita, Wishing you the best for the New Year!

  3. Adorable kids! Love the second pic, all cuddly and cute.
    Kids do say the darnest things, isn’t it? Happy New Year to you and your family Arun.
    So now, lets see some foodie post to kick off this New Year, shall we?

    From Arun:
    Absolutely! I look forward to meeting and chatting with them. So full of surprises and a total riot!
    Ok! Ok! I will cook up somethings! With M off to india for a couple of months, you can expect some simple things! … or pics of frozen leftovers! Yumm!

  4. Hi Arun-mam:

    Thank you for the Dim-Sum. It was yummy!!! I know Dim-Sum means dumpling. Can we go there again? Thank you for taking mine and sahana’s pictures.


    – Suneel

    Froom Arun Maam:

    Thank you soo much Suneel! I am glad you liked Dim-Sum; And yes! We will definitely go there again. How about in the spring when the weather is a little warmer?

  5. Haha they are adorable! Suneel reminds me of my brother when he was younger (coincidentally his name is Sunil too). 🙂

    From Arun:
    AHa! is he the one who has a blog too? Sorry, I haven’t meandered over despite your best attempts.

    Have a great Holiday!

  6. Very cute kiddos. The second pic is really good..Ya, stumping with questions, I can totally relate to with my son :)..Makes you wonder sometimes, their brains work much faster than we think :D..Happy Holidays to you and family Arun..

    From Arun:
    yeah! how come you don’t post pics of your son? and yes, surprising, how their inquisitive minds works! But I guess it can be tiring to answer all their queries!

    Thank you Maya and wishing you all a Wonderful Holiday Season!

  7. Hey good to see your posts coming. The kids are very very sweet.. I liked Sahana’s smile in the first pic… Suneel has a naughty look in his eyes. I have a friend whose son is 3 years old and has a ? mark on everything. He loves anything that has wheels(Even the dustbin) and has questions whenever he sees one! Why is car parked this way? Why not the other way? How does my cycle get its food? For car we feed Petrol and Diesel and for cycle?? .. he he he

    Arun says:
    “how does my cycle get its food??” Ha hA! its surprising how their uncluttered mind works? Interesting perspectives too. I think it helps me re-look at things as we usually take many things for granted. kids have no such compunction and go right ahead and ask!

    and thanks! I love shooting pics of kids! so satisfying!

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