Dossier of Terrorist Evidence Submitted to Pakistan

Complete Dossier of Terrorist Evidence Submitted to Pakistan

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, came under a heinous terrorist attack on November 26, 2008.

The terrorist attacks took place at many locations, especially at CST Railway Station; the Leopold Cafe; Taj Hotel; Oberoi Trident Hotel; and Nariman House. 165 Persons (civilians and security personnel) lost their lives and 304 were injured. Among the civilians killed were 26 foreigners belonging to many nationalities (Annexure-I).

So starts the 46-page dossier of evidence submitted to Pakistan by the Government of India. The dossier of evidence was also presented to representatives of 14 countries whose citizens were killed by terrorists in Mumbai (Nov 26-29 2008).

You can download and read the entire dossier. The entire dossier found at many Indian news sites is uploaded as four PDF files.

The facts are presented in a chillingly, sterile manner. Like a doctor giving bad news to a patient, the Govt of India has provided damning evidence that the Pakistan will be forced to follow up and act on. As I write this, there is news that the Pakistan has already rejected the evidence! How does India respond?

In the dossier, the evidence gathered at the site, telephone intercepts as well as information gathered from the surviving terrorist is well stitched together to provide striking details of the entire operation: how the terrorists arrived in Mumbai from pakistan, broke up into five groups and how they dispersed into the city initiating 60 hours of terror.

Interrogation of the surviving terrorist provides information on how and where the terrorists were trained and who their handlers were. Clearly, pakistan could act on this information. But it would rather be known as a coddler, promoter and exporter of terrorism.

Based on waypoints in the GPS device recovered from the fishing trawler MV Kuber, the Police have recreated the entire map of the journey from Karachi, Pakistan to Badhwar Park, Colaba, Mumbai. These maps are provided as part of the evidence.

Early during the attack on the Taj Hotel, the police intercepted cell phone calls to and from the hotel. The terrorist’s handlers in pakistan were using VOIP virtual numbers for passing instructions to the terrorists. Based on the numbers shared by the terrorists, the security forces intercepted all calls from the three VOIP numbers (virtually based in Austria).

The virtual numbers based in Austria were setup with a US company named Callphonex through intermediaries and funding which came from Pakistan. All the details are provided, including the pakistani passport no of one of the operatives.

From these intercepted calls, it became clear to the police that the handlers of the terrorists in pakistan were passing on information available in the media back to the terrorists. Some of the transcripts of these intercepted calls are also provided.

In this transcript recorded at the Oberoi Trident, the terrorists receive instructions to spare muslims and kill the remaining three hostages, including women. And chillingly, they applaud the sound of killing gunfire.

It is interesting these same cold bloodied, cowards would do this in the name of Allah and Islam. Why are the mullahs not issuing fatwas against using the name of Allah and Islam during these murders. If someone as much as draws a cartoon spoofing Islam or mohammed, would invite a barrage of fatwas and protests! Why not now? Is it perhaps, Islam does condone cowardly acts of violence? What happened to all those Muslim leaders who were protesting the removal of a muslim family from an airplane? Isn’t this more important to protest?

The terrorists at the Taj are updated on the death of the ATS officer and receive instructions on not to let the minister escape.

The handlers give instructions to the terrorist in the Jewish center at Nariman House on when to kill the hostages. Their political calculation is to drive a wedge between India and Israel! I think the opposite has happened and India will stand by Israel and vice-versa.

GPS devices recovered from the MV Kuber and the terrorists

Pictures of guns bearing markings of being manufactured in pakistan are presented. So also many of the personal effects of Pakistani origin belonging to the terrorists.

Obviously, all terrorist related stuff is Made in Pakistan.

9 thoughts on “Dossier of Terrorist Evidence Submitted to Pakistan

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  1. Dear Arun,

    I am also a shanbhogue, from old mysore. I must congratulate you for capturing the scene of some of the rare and very useful picture. Since they are original and the first hand information is always appreciated !

    Your blog has made us proud. The unfortunate events, other wise, are captured beautifully in your camera !

    Thanks, and hats off to you sir,

    With regards,

    hrlv, Ghatkopar

    1. Thank you LakshmiVenkatesh for your kind words of support.

      It was a terrible three in our history and I was given an opportunity to document the atrocities of the forces of evil. I tried to do my best.

      … and we also remember the innocent and the brave who lost their lives during those days.


  2. Whatever happen you cannot declare war to all Pakistani people because of small minority action.

    India cannot humiliate Pakistan to accept this dossier in public. They should act through closed cooperation without press announcement.

    Both India and Pakistan have their egos. No one to bend to each other so please act wisely.

    Remember WAR cannot bring win but always LOSE to people and nation.

    Make peace not war please.

  3. Even when the evidence clearly indicates Pak’s hand in entire affair, Pak is claiming innocence. How can a country be so insensitive, inhuman? How can any God be pleased when so many are killed? It is high time for India to take some strict measures in this regard, let it start attacking the militant camps in PoK even if it means declaring war… Diplomacy wont help much here.

    Arun Says:
    I hear you! and agree!
    For diplomacy to work Pakistan needs to realize that there are going to be serious consequences if it does not take care of terrorism! Currently, Pakistan can just blow smoke and walk away!

  4. Inspite of all this they are not ready to accept that “Kasab” is form Pakistani.. Each day a new theory is being drawn as to where is he from. He is saying he is a Paki, His parents have agreed to it.. But the govt is still not sure as to who is he!!!! I happened to watch a video where we were openly criticized saying all the blasts were planned by Indians to gain all the attention! and it was even mentioned that all the attackers were Hindus! I do not have anything against a particular country or religion. I wish some how the global issue of terrorism is fought and peace be restored for our next generation! Terrorism does not follow any religion or any country!

  5. Reading your post only intensifies concerns with the fact that how we can deal with these terrorists with our inherently soft approach. Thomas Friedman made the exactly similar reference of Muslims protesting in mass numbers with Danish cartoons but not responding to these attacks. I think Indian Muslims have responded suitably and our nation will be secure only if Muslims stop feeling the need to prove their loyalty. The Government of India doesn’t look like it has any plan to follow its tough talk. Do write a post on what we should do to eliminate terrorism in our situation?

    @movingahead on twitter

    From Arun:
    Thank you Rohit for sharing your thoughts;
    From what you say, it appears Friedman too feels like I do! I was expecting the energetic protests, and burning in effigy of ISI members – like you commonly see with Bush! and perhaps a fatwa against terrorists; how about a sit-in by mullahs asking Pakistan to mend their ways? … and keep at it for weeks!

    The present GoI is only talk, another reason we need a government with a more muscular policy towards terrorists, terrorism in general and sponsors of terrorism!

    And really, i would rather leave it to the elected officials to figure out how to eliminate terrorism – they are being paid enough! and if they can’t, they should resign and elect others who can do something!

    But I plan to have a poll soon – lets see how folks respond!

  6. I bet “they” still say “No, Kasab is not a Pakistani!” anyway! 😛

    We got the whole Dish Network Indian package after the Mumbai attack to get up to date news!! What Arvind really wants is Zee sports for Cricket! hahaha!! Nope, it’s separate from the package.

    Happy and peaceful new year.

    Arun Says:
    You are absolutely right, Asha! That is exactly what Pakistan is going to say! But I think Pakistan got away with launching/arranging a terrorist attack against India. And our politicians stood by and blew hot air!

    Awesome about the Indian package! and poor Arvind, get him the cricket too! 🙂

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