Meera turns One

Meera turned ONE in her new home. We had a small gathering with cousins, nephews and nieces. Gorged on South Indian delicacies and helped welcome Meera. Here are a few pics.

One of our friends casually asked the other day. “Do you have any pics of Meera?” Then added as an after thought, “of course she is going to be the most photographed girl on this planet.” I was shocked.

The birthday girl; one of her aunts got this tiny dress stitched for Meera.
Here’s looking at you, kid. pssss! pssss! *anti-nazar spray*
pics of Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

“I can stand, you like my dress?”
pics of Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

“With amma,” I like bangles.
For all you fashion klutzes, diaper showing is new iSHtyle.
pics of Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

Mhavae got me anklets. Now everyone knows where I am. And pappa knows every time I move around in my sleep.
pics of Meera's silver anklets on her first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

With Bapamma, balloons
Meera loves balloons, but is scared of them. So we have been slowly having her touch balloons and see they don’t always go POP!
pics of With Bapoamma at Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

“Birthday’s are so much fun”
pics of Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

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  1. Arun, sorry for asking u something personal. I loved here ur M’s saree. I just love color and combination. She looks gorgeous. May I ask her what type (kind) of this Saree is…I mean…whr did she did buy from…?

    Thank you.

    Arun Says:
    Sonu – Checked with M.
    The Saree was a traditional Kanjevaram silk saree gotten from Nalli Silk (Store) in Matunga, Mumbai. On a recent visit, we did visit the original Nalli Silk Saree Store in Chennai!
    Awesome! see link below.

  2. Ha…ha…Ha…:D Nobody was ready take ur pic… really? As you said here…all seem to shudder at the size of the camera…? Your camera must be tones of heavy weight lifting…ha…ha..ha…:) Call Mike Tyson on this number……. πŸ˜‰

    N e ways, you suppose to be in pic with ur lil next time.
    Take care.

    Arun Says:
    Ha hA! COnsidering most cameras are ‘tiny’, my camera with a big lens appears huge and it is intimidating!
    Besides, there are many buttons and else and it does require proper framing of the subject, or you will end up with a stupid pic. I have many to prove the point.

    Ok, Ok! Will have to put myself in the pic, next time πŸ™‚

  3. Yes Smitha!

    I need a TON of this anti-nazar spray. Have been telling M to “nazar kaad” everyday!

    You get the best and cutest girls dresses in India! Drives me crazy!

    And hope you are settling back in after your trip.


  4. Oh what a cutie. YOu would need a ton of anti-nazar spray!

    those langas are so cute, no? sis and I got one for our friend’s daughter-to-be (she is not born yet)!!

    Can’t wait to see a whole family photo soon!

  5. She has such a peaceful look about her. Love her smile and ooooh those eyes!!!!! What an angel!
    Arun, you’re one very lucky man. Our best wishes to Meera and the people who complete her world.

    Arun Says:

    Thank you Mala for your very kind words. and you say it well – she was that missing piece in our lives! What a delight!

    And Thank you!

  6. Happy Birthday Meera with many many happy returns.

    A true delight to see more of Meera. Thanks to Mom and Dad.


    Arun Says:
    Thank you Viji;
    Just had to get settled in before I could post the pics! and besides, it was tough to pick only a few! YaaaaaY!

    Hope you guys are celebrating the Steelers Victory!
    Just put away my “terrible towels” and ready for next year!

  7. Hey Arun mamu,
    Meera’s so adorable..:) πŸ™‚ Wishin her a very happy birthday!

    Arun Says:
    Thank you Supritha! Good to hear from you!
    Hope all is going well in Dharwad! Wishing you the best!
    and keep in touch! Send mail sometime!

  8. Awww, how cute !! A very hapy birthday and blessings to Meera !! She looks just adorable..Arun, I must say, I was in a depressed mood today, but this post sure made me happy..

    Arun Says:
    Thank you Maya for stopping by and wishing Meera!
    … and rightly, she lifts my spirits too! I keep browsiing the large-ish photo album and it keeps me going!

    Hope your family is doing well.

  9. an angel and a true bliss to mom & dad

    Arun Says:
    Thank you Venky; Certainly a angel bringing bliss to us all! We are blessed!

  10. Happy B’day Meera…!!! πŸ™‚

    Nice pics. She is pretty lucky having parents like Arun & M! And I love her photographs in traditional dress and anklets!!! (and beautifully stitched that dress by ur Aunt!). But Arun, u r missing here with ur lil girl. I expected ur photo too.

    Give my love to ur Meera. πŸ™‚

    Arun Says:
    Thank you Sonu! WE are the ones fortunate that she came into our home; bringing us so much joy! It’s immeasurable! I know, the question is, if I’m in the pic, WHO do I trust to take the pic?

    I have tried giving the camera to several relatives; all seem to shudder at the size of the camera. One of these days. Besides, its Meera and M who are the photogenic ones in the family!

  11. Congrats and a very happy birthday to Meera.. God bless Meera.
    As we say in Kannada, ‘drusti agutte’ cos she is sooo cute..

  12. She looks so cute! (And everytime I see these cute dumpling like babies, I wanna bite them.) Hugs to Meera! πŸ˜€

  13. Hooray! More pics of Meera! She’s looking particularly adorable in that dress. Those little anklets and those two tiny bottom front teeth that are coming in are also pretty cute. :p

    Arun Says:
    yes, Yes, yes! I love those anklets, particularly at night, I can hear the tingle as she turns in the bed! and two more teeth coming out at the top! Has really changed her smile! Huggly, Cuddly Meera!

  14. Thank you Sudeepta!

    meera doesn’t make a fuss when WE fuss over her with clothes, hair and else! I think she likes those bangles too!

    Good to know about the balloons – need to slowly get her to like them.

    Will tell M this evening when I call. πŸ™‚
    Many Thanks.

  15. Worth the wait for these photos. Such a cute dress!! Meera looks super happy to be in it. My boys were terrified of balloons in the beginning too (they loved them from afar) and now they go crazy playing with them. Nice pics Arun. Tell M she looks awesome in her sari – love that color on her.

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