Meera turns One

Meera turned ONE in her new home. We had a small gathering with cousins, nephews and nieces. Gorged on South Indian delicacies and helped welcome Meera. Here are a few pics.

One of our friends casually asked the other day. “Do you have any pics of Meera?” Then added as an after thought, “of course she is going to be the most photographed girl on this planet.” I was shocked.

The birthday girl; one of her aunts got this tiny dress stitched for Meera.
Here’s looking at you, kid. pssss! pssss! *anti-nazar spray*
pics of Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

“I can stand, you like my dress?”
pics of Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

“With amma,” I like bangles.
For all you fashion klutzes, diaper showing is new iSHtyle.
pics of Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

Mhavae got me anklets. Now everyone knows where I am. And pappa knows every time I move around in my sleep.
pics of Meera's silver anklets on her first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

With Bapamma, balloons
Meera loves balloons, but is scared of them. So we have been slowly having her touch balloons and see they don’t always go POP!
pics of With Bapoamma at Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

“Birthday’s are so much fun”
pics of Meera's first birthday by Arun Shanbhag

65 thoughts on “Meera turns One

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  1. Yes Arun, Im catching up, dec was in India, brother’s wedding and then since jan , my job scene has been wobbly…but then this year is economically bad, so i just wanna survive it…

    When are they joining you back in Boston?

  2. Dear Arun and M,

    Thank you for sharing your precious Meera. Your friends at MGH pediatric neurology are thrilled to see these beautiful photographs. What a sweet little girl. Manashi -you look so elegant in your Saree. I miss you!

    1. Thank you Ginny!
      M says thanks! She misses you all a lot too!

      And thank you for your kind words about Meera! We can’t wait to bring her to MGH and meet with you all! She is amazing!

  3. OMG – how adorable!! 😀
    the dress, the anklets, the smile, the everything! 😀

    best wishes to the proud and lucky parents!! 😀

  4. Smiling cute doll 🙂 she is… May God bless her with good health and long life. Looks like she is keeping you and M busy these days.

  5. Happy First Birtday to Meera! I’m sure there will be many more to celebrate with her family.

    Congratulations to you and your wife on the adoption!

    A baby is a miraculous gift from God, no matter how one receives it. Both of you are Blessed because God has given you the ability to rear this child.

    I have been reading your blog for almost a year now, I think this is the first comment I am leaving.

    My Husband and I are going starting this process now. Would greatly appreciate if you can respond to my email id to share your experience about the process.

    1. THank you Gowri!
      (Sorry for the delayed reply!)

      Firstly, thank you for your beautiful words. It is truly a blessing and in just a few months I can see how my whole life- world-view has changed. I suddenly am willing to do ‘anything’ for this tiny, giggly bundle, who a few months ago, i did not even know. Such is HER grace!

      Congratulations on making the decision. A BIG Step!
      I can help in any way I can.
      But let me caution, I have NOT yet completed the process; I still need to bring Meera here. In a sense I feel like I am not yet qualified to offer guidance. But will definitely share what I know.

      Can you email me:
      arunshanbhag at gmail

      Best Wishes to you.

  6. Hi Nikita:

    Rajkumari Meera is a Capricorn, just like her mom! So they have been bonding well!

    but I do agree about aquarian queens.

    Thank you for your kind words about Meera!

  7. I have the most cutest Aquarian sister in the world!!

    But you Arun, we Aquarian queens are and will always be the cutest and the most adorable.

    Dont believe me? Ask Meera!!

    From one queen to another.. Cheers!

  8. Maya – THank you for your kind words! and yes, that two-toothed grins are Oh-so-beautiful!

    Good to hear of Sameer’s fascination with fans!

    Meera, doesn’t say fan, but points to it (particularly if it is off!) and then points to the switch on the wall! Bright kid, that!

    and it is sooo interesting watching them grow.

    Best Wishes to Sameer too!

  9. Happy Birthday to Meera! She is adorable. I particularly love the last photo with her two-toothed grin! The photo with her Bapamma is very cute too. Our Sameer points up all the time – that his way of saying hello to anyone he meets. He points up and says ‘fan’ (in India there usually would be a fan on the ceiling in any room), sometimes even if there was no fan! Now that we are back from our trip to India, it will be interesting to see if he continues to do the same.

  10. Very nice pics of Meera. Your are the only one missing in the pic. M & M ( sounds like M&M gems??) both look very cute together. BTW Loved her anklets too. Girl’s are lucky.. we get to experiment with dresses 😉

    Arun Says:
    Thank you Ujwal.
    Yes, I am the only missing one! Currently in Boston while M&m are in Mumbai; so missing them more!

    Yes, girls are lucky! WoW! She now has sooooo many dresses! Need to clear out a whole closet for her! 😦

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