Spring in Boston

spring crocus Boston

The days that used to lie
curled up,
by penetrating frost,
bit by bit
stretch out
their limbs
now that winter’s past.

~ Sri Dharanidhara

from Vidyadhara’s Subhaashita Ratnakosha
Translated from the Sanskrit by Daniel HH Ingalls, Harvard University Press

The original verses were composed between the 8th and 10th century. Vidyadhara probably compiled these before the year 1100, when he had access to the library housed in the ancient monastery of Jagaddala.

spring crocus Boston
For scale, the height of the paving stone is about 2 inches above the soil.

spring crocus Boston

13 thoughts on “Spring in Boston

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  1. Love the composition on the first pic. Beautiful colors! I am trying to find a place where I can use adobe/some photo editing software – maybe kinkos or something? I reformatted my harddrive last year and cannot find my photoshop cd 😦 I really want to edit a pic of the boys to have the b/w with red effect.

    1. Thank you Sue.
      BTW, no Photoshopping – though I did crop the image.

      I do have an older copy of PS which I can send you when I return from bharat.

      Also, if you have a Mac, their iPhoto does most of the things that PS does. Don’t know if iPhoto is available for the PC. Check it out!

      it will be awesome to see the kids in b/w and selective coloring! Yaay! Giving me ideas for Meera! 🙂

      1. Oh I know there was no photoshopping on your pic 🙂 They look real! Thanks for the iphoto info – I do have a mac that I have not yet learned to use but I guess I will now atleast for this project. When are you going to Bharat? Have a great time – are the 2 Ms returning with you?

  2. Beautiful pictures, the flowers look so vibrant!

    Spring’s slowly coming to Long Island/NYC too, thankfully

    1. Thank you Saroj!
      yes, seems like it forever getting here; We still have cold rain and near freezing nights! but crocuses are out! These tough little champs!

      Enjoy the Spring!

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