Meera’s Bath

Meera’s day starts with a tael malish (oil massage) by Suvarna maushi. We routinely use Dabur’s Lal Tael, for the massage, but have also made our own by infusing a red bark (ratanjyot) in coconut oil.

For about an hour, while Suvarna maushi cleans the rest of the house, Meera waddles around, impervious to her body slick with oil.

Bath is usually a long drawn out process with Meera sitting nicely on a traditional wooden paTh (a low wooden seat) while Suvarna maushi pours scorching water and takes turns soaping. Meera is understandably not in good spirits and bawls her head off. I disappear to an inner room.

M couldn’t stand it and has now taken over bathing Meera. Using merely hot water, Meera enjoys the experience. She plays with the soap and rubber duckies while M painstakingly cleans every toe and sq inch of her body.

Here, Meera bawling as she is bathed by Suvarna maushi.
pics of Meera's bath by Arun Shanbhag

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  1. They have proved that very hot water is not good for the body.It opens the pores too much ,dries the skin and allows germs in .That is why people get colds, viruses and flus often.Best not to bathe too often either is the new theory.U know some who take a shower two /three times a day…not good…Interesting.

    1. Good point. For babies, we traditionally give a hot bath, then slather on coconut oil all over the body. The oil nourishes and seals the tender skin. Then we bundle them tightly in blankets and put them to sleep for a few hours.

      See this pic of Meera sleeping after her bath. The pic was taken several hours after she was put to bed and you can see she has worked herself out of the wrappings.

      Thank you for sharing this,

  2. Ha ha, so she was bawling in the first pic! She looks cute either which way πŸ™‚
    I have been MIA for a while, and just returned to blogging, so don’t worry abt not visiting my blog. There weren’t any updates till yesterday.

  3. She totally looks like she is enjoying her bath in the first pic, how adorable. But then the rest of the pics speak a different story.
    Nice to see more pics of Meera… I love the beads around her neck, the little fashionista she is!

    1. Meera just does not like anyone touching her face; in the first pic, she IS actually screaming, the capture makes it look like she is just smiling!, and ofcourse in the next two she is hollering!

      I love those beads too; Kamala, the marathi lady who helps us at home bought these for Meera from the Colaba Market. They are the traditional marathi “drishTI” beads; are actually two sets woven on one black thread. Pretty, na?

      Thank you!

  4. Awwwluuuuu cho chweeeet, I loved giving bath to Dev when he was a baby, now he rules the bath procedure pretty much, from when to put the soap and if he wants to play more in the water…. neverthless there is still screaming and bawling when I pour water on his head….. πŸ™‚

    1. With M giving a bath to meera, it is quickly becoming exactly that; meera is dictating the terms of that interaction;
      We just want to impart a lot of learning and also make it entertaining for me, something she can look forward to.

  5. Little m is VERY cute Arun πŸ™‚

    In our house hold Raja is the one who usually give the boys their baths and let them play later in the shower. Now and then when I give them their shower, they complain about how appa does certain things certain way and amma has to learn the right things??? !!!

    You should take over and give M a break πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Viji!
      Interesting! Looks like kids get accustomed to certain people doing certain things for them.

      I realize that when i try and change meera diaper, or put on fresh clothes, she always looks at me surprised, but lets me do it anyway! and yes, when she cries or something, M helps me to ‘do it the right way!.’

      Hope you guys are enjoying Spring in Pittsburgh!

    1. I think she realize, there is no getting out of it and might as well enjoy it;
      Now she even helps with removing her clothes in prep for the bath. A happy camper, she is!

      Thank you!

  6. She looks so cute even when crying :), those 2 tiny teeth showing..Lucky her to get the tael maalish and all!! You should also post the happy bath pics when M bathes her, in contrast to these :D..

    1. yes, Meera is super adorable even when she cries!
      I just don’t let her; and anytime M or me pick her up and cuddle her, she stops crying instantly!

      Yes, need to take more pics of Happy Meera Baths!

      Hope you are doing well.
      Best Wishes,

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