Quick Lunch: Vegetable Pattis Roll-up

Vegetable Roll-Up

When I work mornings from home, I’ll make a quick lunch before rushing off to work; usually a sandwich or a roll-up.

For a leisurely dinner, I may roast vegetables on the grill for a roll-up, but for lunch my favorite is using Vegetable Masala burgers from Trader Joes. Mumbaikars will recognize these as the pattis of a ragda-pattis! We horde 5-6 boxes of these in our freezer. For weekday dinners, M may crisp these on a tavaa (flat pan) and top with freshly made ‘ussal.’ Top with some yogurt, minced onions and chaat masala; yumm! Roll-ups with masala burgers take less than 15 minutes to make and are delicious.

Vegetable Roll-Up
Ingredients, and How I make it?

  • As the frozen pattis crisps on the tavaa, I mince a slice of red onion and a small tomato.
  • Rinse any greens that I have; usually baby spinach.
  • Along with the pattis, I’ll throw on the tavaa a few cloves of pre-roasted garlic.
  • When the pattis is done on both sides, I cut it in 3-4 strips.
  • Turn off the gas and on the tavaa, warm a tortilla (basil tomato).
  • Flip tortilla once and melt a slice of cheese cut in strips.
  • Throw on baby spinach, pattis strips, garlic, minced tomatoes, onions, some sauce (usually green chilli sauce from a bottle).
  • Roll tightly. I’m finicky and can’t stand any ‘dripping.’
  • Eat slowly, completely chewing the food!

I usually accompany with water or vegetable juice. This was my lucky day; I made mango lassi! Yoo Hoo!

Tasty, healthy and takes less than 15 minutes! With the wife on a different continent, the best I can do! You can make this with innumerable variations!

31 thoughts on “Quick Lunch: Vegetable Pattis Roll-up

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  1. Looks yummy… easy to make and easy to assemble though easier to eat! I have used such pattis for sandwiches and burgers.. will try next time with tortilla’s. How is little M doing? We are planning an India trip in june.. excited about it now πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Ujwal, nice to hear of your upcoming india trip. You MUST be thrilled and planning intensely!
      Lil M is fab as usually, though she is an attention hog! Needs to be doing something constantly.
      … and certainly try the pattis in a roti-roll!

  2. Here I am out of the blue…
    Chew and eat! Man, how can one resist gobbling these up! Sorry, if I had that now, chewing is totally out of question… πŸ™‚

    Looks amazing. Lot of posts to catch up I see… I will.

    1. Exactly the point Anu!
      By the time I put this together, I am ravished and ready to dig in and gobble the whole thing.
      It takes patience to (a) put on the music; (b) Grab a glass of water (or lassi) and then (c) thoughtfully chew and eat slowly. Yeah!

      Sorry, I haven’t been visiting lately! Travel to India puts a damper on my surfing!

  3. These are great! Can I have one?please?.. πŸ™‚
    great idea! Any chance I can find the recipe for these patties?

  4. I love the masala burgers from TJs.. yumm!! I have never tried it with rotis .. sounds like a great idea! We normally use it on a sandwich with lots of veggies and cheese..yummy!! Thanks for this idea, Arun!


    1. Good to hear from you Anu!
      Yes, Sandwiches is where these first landed; from there it was only a short flip to the roti!
      and what a flip!

      In a roll-up I have a lot of creative leeway to add just about whatever I want and unlike a sandwich, I can mince things, cut strips, or whatever and it all works fine!

      Enjoy your trip to TJs!

  5. i should try these out for my dinner. may be will help in controlling my pot belly… unlike the rice and dal i cook!

  6. Sounds delicious… as always! Although, I’d suggest that you keep the water for later since it’d hinder digestion.

    1. Arrey Lakshmi!
      Sometime I put too much spicy sauce and need the water (ha ha); usually I am soooo busy gobbling the food, I don’t even think of water.

      you mean, if I drink the water with the food it may hinder digestion?

      … and how have you guys been?

  7. That must have been be a very satisfying lunch Arun especially with mango lassi. My new found passion is running (thanks to my husband Raja) and I feel drained the past few weeks to cook elaborately. I can use your quick lunch ideas (for dinner too I guess).

    1. Yaaaay! Great you are enjoying Running! A mango lassis is particularly refreshing after a long run! but can kill your appetite! on a summers day, you don’t want anything else!

      Roll-ups are perfect for lunch or dinner! For dinner, we’ll usually have a variety of roasted vegetables; can be very filling and healthy! Give it a go!

      Thank you!

    1. Thank you Asha! Yes, very quick and great tasting too!

      Thanks for appreciating the header! Its from our trip to Montreal! Yaaay!

      Hope you and family are doing well.
      Sorry, I need to visit more often!

    1. Thank you Shankari!
      I use the Deli-style Swiss Cheese; just use one slice, but tear it in three strips to spread along the tortilla!

      It is a bit heavier slice, but the cool blandness compliments the rest of the spice!


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