Mother’s Day

Mothers Day
Sculpture at the start of the Western Express Highway, Mumbai

Somewhere in our Sanatan Dharma (Hindu) scriptures I had read that the birth of a child awakens “matrudharma” – or motherhood in a woman. Then, they were only words in a book. Now, how amazingly and beautifully I see the transformation in M. It is a pleasure to see M coo-ing and chasing Meera getting her to eat; cleaning each toe during her bath, patiently convincing Meera to take the vitamins; how lovingly she cleans and dresses Meera, and a 1000 other things.

And how unsurprisingly, innocent Meera recognizes her mother’s love and whole heartedly seeks her. Meera may have fallen and in real pain, but once she is in her mother’s arms, she’ll always stop crying. We fathers can just see, and deep down can’t help but feel a little jealous.

To a great mother, M
and all you Mothers out there!
A Happy Mothers Day!


15 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

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    1. Thank you Viji:
      No surprises for M, but we have put all our celebrations on hold till M&m can get here. That will be enough celebration for all of us!

      Hope you had a good celebration!

  1. True, very true. I miss my mother even today. Nothing or nobody can replace a mother.
    Wish M a very Happy Mother’s Day.
    So, my dad was asking me this morning “So, when is Father’s day again?” 🙂

    1. I had to look up Henry Moore! and I don’t know any other work by Mr Kamat. I just saw this on the way to the airport and asked the driver to pull-over!

      BTW, this is not a solid metal work; it is more like a fine mesh which has been compressed into shape. And this thing is huge! about 2-3 times life size. Impressive! if you can see it in all the traffic!

      Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day at your home! 🙂

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