Academic Update from Shanbhag School 2009

Just received results from the recent Karnataka State Board Exams (Std X) for students at the Shanbhag School in Kumta, Karnataka. What a spectacular performance by the students! Congratulations! Our gratitude also to the teachers who do a fabulous job, every day!

Summary of Results:
74 students appeared for the X Std, Karnataka State Board Exams, 2009:

  • Highest score of 96.5%
  • 20/74 students scored greater than 90%
  • 70/74 scored greater than 60%
  • 4/74 scored between 50 and 60%
  • No student in the entire class failed the X Std Board exams

Of the two Shanbhag Scholarship recipients in the graduating class, one received 90.4% and the other 69.9%. Excellent performers and we are elated to have contributed to their studies. I hope they will be equally successful in college and in life.

I don’t expect our needy scholarship recipients to be at the top of the class, but we have given them an opportunity to study alongside the best students, at the best school. And they held their own. The network effects of this alone are worthwhile. This is akin to bringing deserving students to study at Harvard. You wouldn’t expect them at the top of the class, but just being here, they gain tremendously. Exactly that!

I am still collecting funds to support scholarships for needy students at the school. If you would like to make a small contribution, please let me know.

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18 thoughts on “Academic Update from Shanbhag School 2009

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  1. I was a student of this school from VI std to X std. Iam know studing in GSS PUC collage in I PUC in Belgum. I am thankful to all my teachears for helping me for having a good result in April2010 SSLC exam.

    1. Puneet – congratulations on your performance in the school.
      I wish you the very best in your Junior college and future studies.

      Please do keep in touch with the site here and also with the School. We want to know all the great things our students are accomplishing.

      Wishing you the very best.

  2. arun – we’d love to profile your school on our site – we already profiled’ve several schools around the world that make a difference for kids. what do you think??

    1. Jessie: OMG! That would be so fantastic!

      Can I just rework one of my articles and submit it to you?

      Also, I could do a write-up on Foodie places in Mumbai, India :-))

  3. Congratulations Arun!!!. I believe your line regarding the network effects is very true.

    To my mind, your scholarships provide the needy with the knowledge of the opportunities that are available and give them a choice which otherwise would not have been given to them.

    1. Thank you kindly Navin!
      We are always trying to do more. See if you can help in any small way.

      Our next goal is: how do we help the needy once they pass the SSC? What about college?

  4. Congratulations to all students!!! Arun, you and your family must b proud abt their achievements. Excellent work! They are bright and tomorrow’s hopes of India. 🙂

    Please pass my best and hearty wishes to them.

    1. Thank you Sonu:Our family has been really passive about this; its the
      teachers and the management who do all the work.
      But I actually feel good about giving needy students the opportunity to
      pursue an excellent education.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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