Meera Sleeping

meera shanbhag

This tiny girl amazes me! She’s got me completely wrapped around her little finger – twice over. She only has to coo and I start babbling baby talk like a blithering blidiot. I love it! When she is a sleep, I gaze at her. What is she dreaming? Is she happy? I wonder at this miracle and our good fortune to be enslaved by her.

Here, she is napping after her bath, which as you have all witnessed is a chaotic experience. She smells of Mysore sandalwood soap which has bathed scores of the Shanbhag clan. I cannot help but breath deeply. I had to memorialize this. As I reach for the camera, M berates me not to use the flash – it might awaken Meera!

I agreed and proceeded to compose the pic. M, ever suspicious of my acquiescence, waits and watches, hands on her hip; ready to pounce and tear me to smithereens. What do I do? Of course, I don’t use the flash! My survival instincts are definitely honed!

I am glad, the natural light diffusing in the room cast Meera in a soft glow. M was right, but don’t tell her that!

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61 thoughts on “Meera Sleeping

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  1. Happy Father’s Day!!

    After your beautiful Mother’s Day remarks, I’m looking forward to your (or M’s) Father’s Day comment. I often check your site and love your photos & words on Meera and your friends’ children.

  2. She is so sweet…though I have taken same type of pictures of my twins, I regret not blogging on them…they make such fab treasure later when they are sleeping are so serene!..

    1. Thank you Srivalli for sharing your thoughts. I saw some of the pics of the twins’ hands on your site! Very cute!

      And yes, with all the madness now, I still want to document this NOW, so decades later we can enjoy all together! πŸ™‚

      and sleeping is good for another reason – then we have a few minutes to peacefully do our work.

      Best Wishes to your kids!

      1. not sure if you have seen those old BD towel ads with these beautiful women πŸ™‚
        your pic (and the gorgeous angle) reminded me of that.

        CONGRATS on NYC. Wow! So happy for you. Now train carefully.

  3. Oh.. is’nt she so cute! I get really eager when my daughter (14 months old) is asleep.. I try to wake her up and my husband chides me..hehe..when she is up I can’t wait for her to be quite and asleep, but when she sleeps I feel sad.. is that weird? This is a great shot.. hugs to Meera!


    1. Hi Anu!
      Thank you for sharing this dilemma – we all share it!
      Particularly M! When she is asleep, are the ONLY few hours she gets to do her chores, check mail or do anything!

      and, mea culpa! i am the one responsible for occasionally disturbing her sleep πŸ˜›

      Thank you and certainly more hugs to Meera!

      Have fun with the daughter!

  4. Little m is absolutely beautiful and adorable. How do we lose the innocence and beauty when we grow up…. I wonder….

    1. Now as she grows older, she IS getting mischievous and very daring! so she is learning to explore her boundaries – physical and otherwise. I guess along the way of exploration, you start to make compromises to achieve what you want and lo and behold, we end up in a completely different place than when we started.

      Best wishes

  5. Little M is adorable! I think sleeping babies are a wondrous sight and not only because it means you have a little time to get chores done around the house! Makes you want to sit there and just look at them. Lovely photo!

    1. you said it right; when meera sleeps or naps, M takes it with a sigh so she can do the rest of her work, or even step out to get things.

      and it is a wondrous sight. I’d rather just watch the little girl grow by each breath.

      Thank you for stopping by.

    1. Thank you Dee! Good to hear from you!
      I finally see you on FB.
      Hope work and play are going well.

      And certainly a big hug to Meera, … when she wakes up. πŸ™‚

  6. She looks so cute and beautiful. The snap has come out very well. πŸ™‚ Is she still in India or have you taken her to US?


    1. Hi Poornima:
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This is one of my favorite pics of meera! Sooooo peaceful!
      yes, they are still in bharat – C’est la vie!

      but soon, hopefully

  7. She’s so very beautiful. Excellent shot! and I remember those bath days with our daughter. We finally figured out that it should be mermaid-based, all water experiences.

    I can almost smell that soap, myself. lovely post.

    1. Thank you Jessie for your kindness in sharing your thoughts. I like the mermaid theme! lets see what the princess will tolerate – she is getting very picky you know. πŸ™‚

      Best wishes with you daughter and;
      you have an interesting site.

      1. princesses can often be swayed by mermaid things. our princess named herself princess sea at the age of 2. so… πŸ˜‰ you might have a dual

        thanks! we love sharing all that travel info on our site. makes me want to travel even MORE!

        1. I think our princess is 16 months running on 2 years! Quite a handful! I get the distinct impression, the rest of my whole life is going to revolve around this little bundle with the most disarming smile. BTW, I think she is trying out different ways to smile.

          BTW, I love those D&K Eyewitness Guide books you talk about on your site. We have one for every place we visit. Compared to the DK, the rest appear so pedestrian πŸ™‚ Nice, you need to do more in that section.

          1. yes, it is true – our princess sea is almost 7 and our whole life DOES revolve around her. we chose to do our site bc we wanted to travel as a family, and have her involved (she writes book and game reviews, etc). i am so happy you have meera!! life is GREAT with a bundle of sunshine like her. lucky you!!

            yes, i love DK eyewitness travel guides. they are so incredibly detailed, works of art in and of themselves. i’ll add to it as i can. no hardship, reading travel guides…

    1. and you are faast!
      you should be taking a nap!

      do you want me to send you the pipi- saunf? email me your address. You get one five (ok, a few more) – just in consideration of your sweet tooth! πŸ™‚

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