Ragda Pattis, Lassi and Sevpuri

Every evening we take Meera for a walk. Its just a few blocks to the local Maruti temple on Colaba Causeway. After darshan, we invariably stop by Kailash Parbat for some chaat. The bestest!

The Pani puri is best savored at the counter outside, where you stand and the bhaiyya dishes out the puri faster than you can gulp them. With Meera in tow, it is easier to sit inside and keep her occupied with some puffed rice, while we munch on our other favorites. I stick to what I like: Ragda Pattis and a Meetha Lassi – with a dollop of malai on top! M ordered the Sev puri.
Bon apetit!

Ragda pattis lassi Kailash Parbat Colaba

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How to eat a Paani Puri
How to eat Paani Puri Kailash Parbat Colaba


Ragda Pattis & Lassi (2004)
Ragda Pattis Lassi Kailash Parbat Colaba

33 thoughts on “Ragda Pattis, Lassi and Sevpuri

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  1. Hey, you in Mumbai?
    The tikki and the sev puri looks delicious! I am having gol gappe almost everyday in the evening when i go for my walk. Its irresistible!!
    And those little feet…reminds me of the famous dialogue from Pakeezah 🙂

    1. Hey sush – love our new username! 🙂
      btw, lilacs are blooming in my yard!

      returned to Boston and already missing meera and chaat;
      gol-gappas every day; yes! that is the life!

      and which dialog from Pakeezah? please bol na?

      1. Reading this reply of yours now! That dialogue was….Aap ke paon dekhe,bahut haseen hai.Inhe zameen par mat utariyega,maile ho jayenge 🙂

  2. Hi Arun: That sure looks delicious. Took me back to my college days in Mumbai. Good to see you at the reception. Do visit us the next time you come. Hi to the two M & M’s.

    1. Hi Pradnya:
      So fabulous to see you and Satish! What a magnificent event!
      Glad I made it there!

      Yes, I updated M on the visit and she was jealous!
      … if you are in the boston area, please do visit.

      and please keep in touch!

    1. she was certainly trying to get into the food; but we managed to get some puffed rice for her, so she could sit with the ‘adults’ and eat from her own plate.

      Of course, occasionally she’d reach into my plate, so I fed her a pinch of that pattis! 🙂

      1. teach kids to eat well when they are young and you’ve done a great job raising a global citizen. we haven’t found an ethnic cuisine our daughter (6) doesn’t love. i am relieved!

        1. Yes, Yes!
          Now Meera does NOT even like the food we prepare for her. She wants to eat everything that we eat ~ so what do we do? give her what she wants! She eats whatever we eat; except for the spicy stuff; even that, we just rinse the curried vegies and give it to her. She tries it, spits it out coz they are still spicy, hyperventilates, reaches for a few sips of water, a few bits of plain rice, … and then she reaches for the vegies again! Ha hA!

          Now our thinking is – she eats what we eat! and its easier for M as she does not have to make separate food for meera!

          Good point! we will slowly start her on ethnic foods too.

          You daughter is going to turn out great!

  3. I live on Marine Drive, and Kailash Parbat is one of our favourite old haunts too. Love those lil feet.

  4. Arun:

    Please stop teasing people 🙂 🙂 Please don’t do any food realted posts. 🙂 🙂 I love those chaats.

    My friends and I always had a good time in Kailash Parbhat. A reason that always lured my friends in TIFR to come out of the campus.

    Glad you all had a great time. m’s little feet is cute 🙂


    1. Oh yeah, forgot you were at TIFR.
      Kailash is a great place for meals and it is soooo inexpensive. A full dinner would be like 200 Rs max! ($4) :-))

      Ok, no more food posts for a while!

  5. Arun, I’ve decided not to come near ur blog when ever u post food related posts. I am dying to eat all those chaats now!!!

    1. Heh Heh HEH!
      look at your blog! :-)))

      Yes, make chaat! Sure you can whip something more delicious and take more salivatory pics!

      Have a great NO cooking weekend! 🙂

  6. feeet 🙂
    For a minute, I thought I read “methi” lassi. It’ll be fun to try it… that or shepu lassi. Health drink for the bacha log (and bade too).

    1. feet feet feet! 🙂

      Heh; Shepu lassi would be something;
      and don’t we already make the masala chaas served at thread ceremonies and weddings? At a recent wedding, they had four different masala buttermilk for four different days. yes!

  7. Wow…cute & little tiny feet with beautiful payal…!!! And u r torching me with showing that heavenly dishes!!! 😀 And I love sweet lassi too. Hope you had enjoyed ur time there.

    1. Particularly at Kailash Parbat, the lassi is simply divine; and with that nice piece of malai on top – yummmm!
      you can make Ragda pattis, no? try it and let us know.

      and yes! those payal are “early warning system,” that Meera is on the way! 🙂

      1. Yes…yes…I can make Ragda Pettis very easily…but who does not like that “taiyaar dish” hehe…:) Just last months, I made Aloo Tikki with 3 types of yummy chutneys. came out so yum…yum! 🙂 And hubby dear demands again and again for chats. 🙂

        And yes…I love that malai lassi with some nuts on top. How’s Meera and where is she right now?

        Take care.

        1. Yes, the best thing about the stall, is the spontaneous decision to eat! and enjoy!
          M always says that by the time she cooks an elaborate dish, she actually loses the taste for it.

          Hmm, malai lassi with nuts? must try!

          and thanks for asking – Meera is still in Mumbai with M

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