Meera: Father’s Day Wishes

Meera Mumbai

With Meera and M in Mumbai, I can only reminisce about Meera’s favorite anecdotes. Here she is exploring the Kumta train station enroute to Mumbai on the Konkan Railway. She thoroughly enjoyed the train ride.

Love is Sharing
Meera MumbaiMeera loves Parle G “bikit.” She does not bite it, but puts it in her mouth, along with half her hand, and chews it. I look at her dotingly, amazed at the simple things that bring her joy. Meera (overcome by love, i hope) wants to share her bikit with me. She pulls it out of her mouth, her hand dripping with drool and smilingly offers it to me. I demure; she insists by blinking her eyes, nodding and extending her hand further towards me. Unable to refuse, I grab her hand and act like if I am licking and enjoying the bikit. Meera is thrilled, gives a spasm of a giggle and puts the bikit back in her mouth. Overjoyed at this exchange, she again pulls out her dripping hand with the bikit and offers it to me. How can I refuse her offering of love?

Love is being Jealous:
Meera MumbaiMeera has a ritual of going to sleep. She’ll play on the bed for about 10 minutes and when she is ready to sleep, she’ll barrel her head into my side (or M’s), corkscrew around, wedging herself tightly to my side and go off to sleep. Here she slept by me during an afternoon nap. I turned off the phone and lay unmoving for an hour. M took the pic. Whenever she does this, my heart swells knowing this little bundle trusts me enough to need my presence while she sleeps.

But most nights, when M is on the other end of the bed, she wedges herself to M. I look longing and understand her deep bond to her amma. After she’s asleep, I gently slide Meera by my side. Then, I go off to sleep!

Meera loves Wrappers!
Meera Mumbai
Forget about the toys I bring, Meera plays with the wrappers more. Here she finds a wrapper from something and announces this with gusto to the entire household.

Yes Meera, pappa will bring more toys (with their wrappers)!

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53 thoughts on “Meera: Father’s Day Wishes

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  1. My father (w)as a best role model in my life, he taught me good things and helped me to resolve my all life’s riddles.

    (edited by Arun Shanbhag)

  2. hi arun — i had forgotten all about your website until a chance websearch for paani puri led me to your page :). and i must say, i realized i had missed reading your fantastic blogposts for so long [ i remember having left a comment on a blogpost of yours that talked about schooling in mangalore]. loved looking at your daughter’s photos. she is just too adorable. and i love her name. one letter added to my name makes her name :). thanks for the pani puri post. warm wishes, em

    1. Thank you EM!
      Jeez, every where I turn, there are m’s! Awesome!

      And yes, I loved the words in that pani puri post – they just came out perfect and so short too.

      Glad to see you back! and thank you for the kinds words for meera! Looking forward to reading your posts too.


    1. Thank you Venky!
      and you are right! i beg M and the rest of our family – let us not make her sad. I just want to keep her happy, ever and ever! And she loves to be held and cuddled!
      and told repeatedly, that we love her!

  3. Oh Arun ji,
    I simply can’t describe how wonderful your post is. As I was reading through the post I felt as one could sense how much you are missing lil ‘m’.
    I think cute, adorable and all the goody-goody words in Englissh do not suffice to desribe Meera’s expression and joy on her face.
    God Bless.

    Seattle WA

    1. Thank you Manasi for your very kind words.
      When I think of our experiences with meera, the words just describe what we feel and it is truly love and an awe at this little bundle who has so much energy and can wrap us around her little finger. and gladly we are enslaved!

      Thank you for your wishes and wishing you the same joys someday!

      Best Wishes

  4. Every photo and anecdote of little M is a heart melting moment in itself. And this post brings together so many of them. What a wonderful gift you have from the Almighty 🙂

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