7 Remaining Dangerous Days this Monsoon 2009

photos of people walking in the monsoon rains on Colaba Causeway by Arun Shanbhag
Mother walking her daughter home in the monsoons on Colaba Causeway

As I prepare for travel to Mumbai, I cast an eye on monsoon forecasts, particularly when they coincide with high-tides.

Excerpt from notice from the US Consulate in Mumbai.

During the monsoon, most flooding occurs during high tide. Mumbai’s drainage system is designed to run off into the Arabian Sea. If a major storm occurs during high tide, the rainfall backs up and flooding occurs. Particular concern should be paid during the days listed in the table below. … if there is heavy rain (during these dates), the possibility of the city flooding is very high. Sluice gates, which funnel flood waters from the city to the sea, are also closed on these days, increasing the possibility of flooding …

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai site is very informative and lists the 27 days during this Monsoon season when tides are expected to crest 4.5 meters (14.8 ft). See entire list of Mumbai High Tide Dates and Times

Highlighted are the 11 days when the high tides will crest over
4.8 meters (15.75 ft). In July of 2005, when heavy rains coincided with high tides, caused city-wide flooding and killed over 400 people, the tide had crested at 4.84 meters. So these are dates you should prepare for.

With four of these days behind us in June, we have seven remaining days ahead of us. Four days in July are ALL over 4.84 meters and the city is very vulnerable. Further on July 23 and 24, the tide is expected to crest at 5.01 and 5.05 meters (16 ft), the highest in nearly a 100 years.

In August, the high tide days just precede the Ganesh Festival starting on Aug 23rd. We will have to do our shopping and other preparations earlier in the day. Particularly on the night of Aug 22nd, when we bring the Ganesh murthy to our home; we will have to do it earlier in the day.

Great days to work from home! Avoid travel on these and shoulder days too, as the Mumbai airport runways are notorious for getting water-logged.

Remaining 7 Dangerous Days of Monsoon

Date Time Ht of Wave (meters)

22 July 2009 1240 hours 4.85
23 July 2009 1323 hours 5.01
24 July 2009 1403 hours 5.05
25 July 2009 1443 hours 4.94

20 Aug 2009 1216 hours 4.81
21 Aug 2009 1257 hours 4.94
22 Aug 2009 1334 hours 4.92

Add these to your calendar and be careful.

9 thoughts on “7 Remaining Dangerous Days this Monsoon 2009

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    1. Thank you Jessie:
      How quickly people forget that Mumbai is still an island and particularly vulnerable to flooding at the confluence of high tide and heavy downpours!

  1. Arun, truly helpful information. Even I got warning email about another Tsunami or earthquack predicted on 22nd July, 2009 and there will be sun eclipse on same day. It is going to be really bad and countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Australia and many more. 😦 It’s really really scary news. Hope God help our planet!

    Please we all ppl should pray not to happen any bad thing on these predicted dates.
    Take care.

    1. The coincidence with the total solar eclipse on July 22nd certainly adds a twists as it coincides with very high tides. That in itself does not predict tsunamis – but certainly being very careful.

      Thanks for sharing the interesting info on the solar eclipse.

      Best Wishes

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