Shri Rām: The Holy Name

Shri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram japa mantra by Arun Shanbhag
For city bred siblings, summering at our grand parents’ home in Bhatkal was essential nirvana. In the orchard we tied strings to dragon flies and watched them jet away. We foraged for bird eggs in old trees. With sling shots we brought down mangoes, not because our aim was any good, but because the trees were laden with fruit. Listening to abbu (grandpa) in his pharmacy store, we learnt a smattering of Kannada and many more swear words. On dark nights without power, gazillion fireflies flickering on mud walls, guided us home.

There was one place we knew never to touch: In the jagli (entrance hallway), was a bare wooden writing table with a single drawer. There grandma kept her ‘writing-book,’ black-framed reading glasses and a ball point pen.

Sketch of an oil Lamp diva Arun ShanbhagIt was an inexpensive, ruled book in which she penned in Kannada script, the short mantra of Shri Rām, || Shri Rām Jaya Rām Jaya Jaya Rām || End to end till the end of the line; between lines and in margins. The page was filled with a repeating geometric pattern of the Shri Rām mantra. All pages and eventually the whole book. Every evening at dusk, after she had “lit the lamps” around the house, she’d sit at her desk and meditate on the sacred name of Shri Ram. [Rām is pronounced as Ralm, rhyming with palm.]

I see grandma at her table; glasses perched on her nose, a purple bindi carefully painted on her forehead. Looking up, I see her lips quiver as she silently mouths the mantra. The pen hisses across paper and the divine words appear; again and again.

Decades ago, I started to write the Shri Rām mantra in Devanāgiri script. First in a tiny booklet and then is this old diary that sits on my desk. Every now and then I write a few lines. Some days I write more, on other days less. Some days, nothing. Many days, pass. Months, pass. When the book call I write.

Every time I write, a calm blankets me. My worries evaporate, time stands still, the earth frozen in space, the Universe paused. My pen hisses over glossy paper. Shri Rām Jaya Rām Jaya Jaya Rām on my breath, heart pulses slower, blood oozes, pen slides, the ink leaves a trail. I breathe, dhub dhup beats the heart, an invisible hand guides the pen along. The mantra forms, a never ending stream, rippling in bliss.

I pause, noises filters in, the earth has resumed its march; the Universe expands!

Frieze at the Hazara Rām Devasthān, Hampi by Arun Shanbhag
A few months ago I chanced upon a beautiful copy of Goswami Tulsidas’s RāmCharitraMānas (in Awadi with Hindi and English translations). As I studied it, I was amazed at Tulsidas’s mastery of language and presentation. His philosophy is crisp and so relevant today. How succinctly he describes that Shri Rām IS the saguna form of the nirguna Absolute Divine! I have not seen a clearer explanation of nirguna (no material attributes) and saguna (with material attributes) Brahman.

Following along, Tulsidas beautifully and convincingly posits (doha # 23) that the Name of Shri Rām is actually greater that the person of Shri Rām; greater too than the absolute nirguna divine. Puzzling at first, but Tulsidas makes his case so convincingly and in such beautiful verse.

In the chaupai verses (chaupais follow a repeating metre of 4 syllables) following the doha, Tulsidas explains (paraphrased):

  • Shri Rām had to take a human form and himself suffer miseries in his life to destroy evil and alleviate the sufferings of his devotees;
    But by simply chanting His Name, the suffering of countless of his devotees is destroyed, leaving them in bliss.
  • With his touch, Shri Rām redeemed Ahalya, wife of the Sage Gautama;
    Simply chanting His Name destroys evil and redeems countless devotees. No personal touch from Shri Rām is necessary.
  • To ease Sage Vishwamitra’s problems, Rām defeated the demons Tadaku and his army;
    Simply chanting His Name destroys the cause of all our problems, as easily as the appearance of the Sun does away with darkness.
  • By his footsteps, the person of Shri Rām brought life and sanctified Dandaka forest;
    By simply chanting His Name, the hearts and minds of millions of his devotees are so easily liberated and sanctified.
  • Shri Rām himself crushed scores of demons;
    By chanting His Name, all the demons in all our hearts are defeated.
  • Shri Rām offered protection to Sugriva and Vibhishana;
    By chanting His Name, Shri Rām’s protection and grace is easily extended to all of us.
  • Shri Rām himself had to recruit an army of monkeys, bears and other animals, and take great pains to build a bridge and cross the ocean to Lanka;
    But Goswami Tulsidas convinces us that simply by chanting the Name of Ram, the ocean of misery in our lives, easily dries up.
  • Shri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram Arun ShanbhagHere, Tulsidas gifts us a easy way to end the torment and bring peace and content to our hearts. Chant the name of Shri Ram!

    Now I start my day with a few verses from the RamCharitraManas and write the Shri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram mantra more often. I hope to fill this diary one day and keep it under Meera’s bed. Then start another diary.

    Write the chant a few times and tell me how positively it affects your life. In the opening pic from the Hanumant Devasthan in Bhatkal, || Shri Rām Jaya Rām Jaya Jaya Rām || is scribed (in Kannada) over the lintel. Read Tribute to Rām from my book Prarthana.

    Hazara Ram Temple Hampi
    (friezes are from the outer wall of the Hazara Ram Temple, Hampi, India and depict scenes from the life of Shri Ram)

    Cited editions of RamCharitraManas:

    • Edited by RC Prasad, Motilal Banarasidass Publishers, Delhi, India
    • Gita Press, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh (free download of RamCharitraManas!)

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  1. This post is just what I needed today as I was feeling off. When I was in my 7th grade, we got a call from our abbu and he told all of us to chant Shri Ram jaap. I have seen my life transforming with this divine mantra. Have to start doing it again. Thank you for this wonderful post. BTW I am from Honnavar.

    1. I am at a stage in my life where most of things that I venture into are not being successful. But that is not what I am after. What I want is peace of mind and happiness. I can explain to you how happy this post has made me today. Thank you so much.

    2. Thank you Kirti for sharing that here. As I read this post again, it brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of my grandma. Thank you for subtly making me re-read this piece and relive the bliss of Shri Rām.

      BTW, I have fixed the pics.
      We are now in Manipal.

  2. i am writing JAI SHREE RAM for long time ….whenever my mind is not peaceful i used to write JAI SHREE RAM,,it really give me peace and i ll get out of stress….if i have any problem it ll get solve by writing JAI SHREE RAM that the power of God.!!!! incase if i am not writing SREE RAM NAMAM that day would very bad in my life.

  3. ur profile is pretty impressive. What have ur accomplishments been as a citizen journalist?

    i wish to be one too (a citizen journalist)- any tips on how i can do that, from India ??

    1. Absolutely!
      Grab a “japa mala” and get started.
      Or just chant anyway; when you are walking, cooking, working in the garden, waiting for food, … whatever.

      slowly you will find that you mind keeps chanting whenever it is free. … and the best part is, when your mind is chanting, there is no opportunity for negative thoughts to creep in your mind. WoW!


  4. Dear Arun, I just happened to visit your site while looking for a Tulsdias Chaupai. I am really thrilled to read your article. I am happy because I was thinking to write my lord’s name in a notebook; and just then I came across this wonderful article by you.

    I feel blessed.

    Jai Sri Ram
    S. Srinivasan

  5. Thanks Arun. I think i will finish this round of 10,008 with Shri Rama Jayam. Then i will go back to Om Shri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram.
    Yeah, one more thing, is it ok to start with Om ?

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