Abs Express: Aphrodisiac Abs in 15 minutes

Here’s the Abs Express Class at our health club (Clubs at Charles River Park, Boston, MA). Its a quick 15 min class, once a week. But what a workout. Fast and tough! Give it a try and see if you can keep up with Certified Trainer, Pete ‘Rock’ Reynolds.

Pete entertains you during the entire routine. For this recording I pleaded with Pete to keep his comments PG, which he did. And he’s the go-to guy, anytime you need a quick workout tip. Thank you, Pete.

When you are onvacation, no more excuses, Just follow along with this video and do your crunches. 15 minutes, and as Pete likes to say, you’ll end up with aphrodisiac abs!

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24 thoughts on “Abs Express: Aphrodisiac Abs in 15 minutes

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  1. Hey Arun,

    Thanks! I dont have a box.net account. If its too big to email, I could try and open a box.net account, although to be honest I’ve never heard of it.

    Thanks again


  2. Hi,

    I randomly found this and all I can say is WOW! Was just wondering if itd be possible to get a copy of this. I noticed you mentioning you could make it iphone compatible, would love to grab a copy if you wouldnt mind.

    I had hit a bit of a wall with my abs, just got used to the same exercises over and over, this has really shaken things up!

    Thanks for putting this up!


    1. Hi J,
      Thank you for your kind words and am glad you enjoyed this video. I attend this class every Monday here in Boston and it is definitely worth it. First timers usually complain of soreness for a few days after. Ha ha!

      yes, I can make an iPhone compatible file. Will check the size and see if I can just send it over by email. Alternately, would you have a Box.net a/c or some other way I can send you a larger file?

      Thank you and Best Wishes

  3. Hey,

    Wow! Just tried this workout and its tough! Thanks for sharing

    Was wondering if it be possible to download it or get a copy would love to put it onto my phone so I can use it when Im travelling.


    1. Thank you Anly:
      You made it – the Few!

      It is a huge file and difficult to send my email or anything. Also did not meet the size requirements at YouTube. Wait, Wait – I just realize that You Tube has increased their time limit on videos. Will see if i I can upload it there and you can download it;

      or I convert it to a iphone version and send along.


  4. The workout looks awesome. Is it possible to download the video or get a link for it?

    Would be very useful to put the vid on my phone and take it to the gym.

    1. Hi Darshan:
      Glad you enjoyed it and many thanks.
      I had withheld the embed code, but have now enabled it. You can now share the video on your site, but please provide a link-back to the article.

      I have been experimenting with porting it to a cell phone What model do you have. Let me know and I can send you a small version of the file. Then you can tell me if it works for you.

      Best WIshes

  5. While it is true, that an abs machine will help you strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, that doesn’t yet give you that “washboard” look. In order to show your abs you need to lose that excess belly fat that is hiding them. You cannot lose fat in just one isolated area by training, fat loss always involves your entire body. So, in addition to building your abdominals you need to burn off excess fat through proper nutrition and cardio exercise.

  6. Hey Arun,

    I am finally back at the gym now that I can walk again. I’ll be using this vid at home for ab work on my off days….it must BURN!! Watched it in my office here at work and didn’t want my boss to find me on the floor mid-exercise!! It looks like a familiar workout we used to do in a kickboxing class in NH years ago…that woman was brutal!!!! She made us do this after our class!! Talk about tired legs….

    1. Maggie:
      Good to hear you are back to the workouts!
      … and this one BURNS! In class, you hear everyone moaning and groaning and a big sigh at the end of each set ~ but Pete just keeps on going!

      Play it Full Screen and, … let it burn!
      Talk to you soon.

      and we definitely want your boss to find you on the floor, moaning! ha hA!

  7. Wow! Thanks for this, Arun. After 1 kid, I definitely need the aphrodisiac abs..hehe. BTW, this might take me 30 mins to complete with lots of breaks in between.. I will do try this for sure and let you know if it helped.. thanks so much!


    1. Ha hA!
      Go for it!
      I am sure that you will get back to your aphrodisiac form very quickly! Watch out!

      and yes, this Pete Guy is crazy; I wonder how he manages to do this every day.


    1. so you can only imagine, doing this non-stop for 15 minutes –
      really Abs of Steel! (if you are NOT moaning and groaning like I usually am)

      Let me know how it feels to go through the whole class non-stop.


  8. Thanks for the Video Arun. Just what I need. I had tried the Abs and Spin offered at the CMU gym and boy who am I kidding. After the first 15 minutes of spin, I look up the clock every 30 seconds 🙂 The abs come after the spin and usually I am glad to be on the floor resting my legs 🙂

    1. OK! Viji!
      Here, it is the Abs and then the 45 min spinning. I usually do those back to back (in the video at the very end, you see the next groups of ‘spinners’ coming in!

      In the spinning, I find all those exercises where the legs are up – excruciating!

      Go, Go, Go for it!

  9. hey! for some reason, i cant view the whole video. it stops just before he can get into actually starting the workout and the Wplayer says “Replay”?

    1. hyacie:
      Sorry to hear about that! It seems to work fine on my machine; but let me check with others;

      … Karthi in CA seems to pick it up fine; sometimes the sites do ‘throttle’ bandwidth; let me do more checking.

      Also, are you running on a blutooth or a hardwire connection? Try the hardwire connection. Its a great workout video.

      Update: for a few seconds, I too did get the “Replay” note – but then it started again after I let it load for a few more seconds.

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