Charyl Weissbach: Balsam Poplars

Paintings by Charyl Weissbach Balsam Poplars by Arun Shanbhag

Something about artists, they just blow me away. Look at this beautiful piece called Balsam Poplars! Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but as you dwell on the image, it draws you in. Did you notice the depth created by different media the artist uses? As I look carefully, I see more fascinating details. The colors play games with my eyes, and soon, I am in the midst of this psychedelic forest. I am expecting a tiny bird to take flight from amongst the trees and I watch intently to catch it flit away.

This amazing work is by one of our friends Charyl Weissbach. When I knew her from the lab, I had seen some of her earlier landscapes of the Amalfi Coast. A few days back when I got back in touch with her, I see this! Blows me away. Apparently she does this layering by melting beeswax, resin and various types of colors. When artists draw squiggles, they make it look like the river bank, or a sapling, or a bird, or whatever. When I draw a squiggle, … well, it’s meaningless scribble! I can’t even think of what goes on in their minds as they create these masterpieces. As for me, I am good at mathematical formulas, complex molecular pathways and convoluted genetic messaging. This? I’d just hang on the wall in front of me and stare!

Read more about her work and techniques on her site. Browse the portfolio. My favorites are certainly the soothing Water Series I & II.

And one more from that set. Enjoy and have a wonderfully relaxing weekend.
Paintings by Charyl Weissbach Balsam Poplars by Arun Shanbhag

14 thoughts on “Charyl Weissbach: Balsam Poplars

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  1. Arun,
    Many thanks for posting these images. I am grateful for the opportunity to have others view my work. Your kind words and the kind words of others are very humbling.


  2. arun – her work is just gorgeous. i am going to contact her and see if we can feature it in our artist of the month series on our site. thanks!!

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