Makar Sankranti: Here’s To Longer Days

Makar Sankranti Happy Sankranti Laddoo pics by Arun Shanbhag

To Surya, the Sun God as he starts his Northerly trek

Grace us with Warmth and Light

Happy Sankranti to All!

Tiil gool ghya, goaD goaD bola!


20 thoughts on “Makar Sankranti: Here’s To Longer Days

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  1. 14th-15th Jan 2011

    Sankaranti Greetings – 2011.
    Greetings All-
    Pongal here-Surya ye Namaha
    Connecting at Sankaranti—pongal
    At Sankaranti- we wish u , all Good Health & Peace-

    Be kinder than ever—Live simply, Love generously,Care deeply,Speak a good Sankaranti Resolution with Til gul khala etc


    Pongal here is also a spl event for Farmers- one day dedicated to them in this state ina 4 days celeb-
    Recall your post on Farmer &Groundnuts in Karnataka-

    1. Thank you Capt for your wonderful Wishes.
      Being so far away from home, it is difficult to participate in all our festivities. The biggest drawback of staying away from the matrabhumi.

      Best Wishes to you,

  2. Happy Pongal Arun, M and m. The Ladoos look very tempting especially since I just got back from my aerobics class (from the gym at pitt).

    1. O Asha:
      Wishing you and your family a fabulous Sankranthi!
      and yes, delicious!
      Try your local desi grocery store – they may have these laddoos!

      And so fabulous to have you back!

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