Berry Delicious Thick Yogurt

Berry delicious thick yogurt Shrikhand
Ganga’s post on thick yogurt got me salivating. I love shrikhand, especially from Parsi Dairy Farm, Mumbai, but I shudder just thinking of the calories it packs. I’d have to run 5 miles just to burn a cup of their nectarine shrikhand! No thank you! Here is my attempt at making a low-calorie, healthy, dessert. There is such a thing!


  • Plain yogurt, 1 and 1/2 cup (non-fat)
  • Honey, 3 tbsp; unrefined, wild honey from Kumta.
  • In Konkani, honey is called mHovu derived from the Sanskrit moHa meaning desire. Honey is also called maDh, referring to maddening intoxication.

  • Elaichi (cardamon); powder seeds from 5 cloves in a mortar-pestle.
  • Kesar (saffron); we are using Iranian saffron gifted by a friend; splurge with 25+ strands. Amazing pics of saffron harvesting.
  • berry medley (3 tbsp): blueberry, raspberry and sliced strawberry (previously frozen)

How to:

  • We use yogurt strainers; essentially white plastic coffee filters. You can also use the traditional muslin/cheese cloth to strain, but it gets messy; or use a brand new coffee filter. Will work fine.
  • Spoon yogurt in strainer and place over a cup to receive liquid whey. I placed covered in the refrigerator to prevent souring. After a whole day about 1/2 cup of water was released.

Berry delicious thick yogurt Shrikhand

  • Transfer strained yogurt to a bowl. It has the consistency of soft cream cheese.
  • Mix well to soften. Stir in honey.

Berry delicious thick yogurt Shrikhand

Berry delicious thick yogurt Shrikhand

  • Spread powdered elaichi and kesar, and mix well.

Berry delicious thick yogurt Shrikhand

  • Add in berry medley and mix. That’s it. Keeps in refrigerator for a day.

Few other desserts:

22 thoughts on “Berry Delicious Thick Yogurt

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  1. Just came across your blog.

    Starngly enough, I have just left some yogurt in a muslin cloth to make shrikand tonight – And I wondered if I could use honey instead of sugar as I like the greek style yogurt with honey. I may try out your recipe.


    1. thank you Vinaya;
      and yes, I thought off the bowls ‘before’ I even started to strain the yogurt! Ha ha! and yes, I loved how the honey looks.

      Best Wishes to you

  2. OMG i have to have this tomorrow. wait, the next day, bc we have to strain it! i LOVE how you added cardamom (my fave!) and saffron, with the berries. YUM. thanks, arun! i bet your daughter loves this.

    1. Meera actually LOVES yogurt. She has learnt to actually open the refrigerator and point to the yogurt (!!).

      And isn’t cardamom such a flavorful spice? You can even add a tiny pinch to tea or any dessert.

      Thank you

  3. I was just thinking about shrikhand yesterday and wondering what to use as a replacement for the muslin cloth. And there you are! Awesome idea 🙂

    Will get to work on this right away. Thanks for recipe! 🙂

    1. Great minds think alike! yes!
      Coffee filters will work and a bit easier. A tip: While straining, you could remix with a spoon to help the straining.

      Let us know how it worked out for you.

  4. Hi,
    I keep following your blogs. Great recipe! I also love the cute little kid Meera. My love to her.


  5. Big smile! Your shrikhand looks gorgeous and I am off to strain some more yoghurt so I can make it.

    Thanks for mentioning the thick thick yoghurt post!

  6. I m yelling to see your pics here. I just love love Shrikhand and have had in a while. Thanks for reminder…it wud be great in summer these days.
    Arun, I’m just loved these cute cute bowls. from where you got them? I wish i wud have them. So prettyyyy! 🙂

    1. Thank you Sonia:
      Your enthusiasm comes out loud and clear in your comment. Many a times, my mind too races way faster than my brain and fingers can type the words.

      and go ahead, post a shrikhand recipe! 🙂 I love it and am looking forward to eating globs of it at Parsi Dairy Farm.

      and glad you liked the bowls. We got them during a trip to Tokyo some years ago. They have the most colorful dishes and bowls. Awesome!

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