Meera Tames Wild Animals at Kala Ghoda Festival

Kala Ghoda Festival, Meera
Meera at the Kala Ghoda Festival 2010

Meera was thrilled and shrieks at the sight of the towering giraffes!
Kala Ghoda Festival, Meera

Onlookers are impressed as Meera tames the wild cat! Every time Meera sees this picture, she goes: Grrrrrr!
Kala Ghoda Festival, Meera

*nazar utaro*
Kala Ghoda Festival, Meera

Meera loves Zebras. This has been a great learning experience for Meera. All those animal pictures she sees in books are now here in life-size.
Kala Ghoda Festival, Meera

Meera call them “rhino-som” Ha hA!
Kala Ghoda Festival, Meera

Of course, they had a paper mache Kala Ghoda statue. Wonder what happened to the real one.
Kala Ghoda Festival, Meera

Beautiful ceramic works at the pottery vendors. Apparently the pottery folks are only there on the weekend. So head over there and support them.
Kala Ghoda Festival, ceramics, Meera

Kala Ghoda Festival, ceramics, Meera

Kala Ghoda Festival, ceramics, Meera

Kala Ghoda Festival, ceramics, Meera

Kala Ghoda Festival, ceramics, Meera

Kala Ghoda Festival, ceramics, Meera

Time for Meerathon:

26 thoughts on “Meera Tames Wild Animals at Kala Ghoda Festival

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  1. awww…she is growing up so fast!

    Would like to go to the Kala Ghoda festival sometime! My mother-in-law always goes (although this year I think she is missing it for the first time in years) and shares her experiences of it! Always sounds fun!

    1. For Mumbai, it is a wonderful festival; prolly the best of mumbai; The first time I actually attended it. We must have gone by there about 5 times. Meera loved the animals and the general energy of the place. But I don’t think we actually saw all the stalls there. Just too many things going on.

      You should go.

  2. Dear Arun,

    Stumbled on your Blog while looking for how to cook Kadgi Chakko (my wife is a wonderful cook, but currently she is in India & I am in Africa)

    Lovely pictures of the kala ghoda festival, felt as if I was in Mumbai.

    Keep up the good work.

    BTW which camera do you use is it a DSLR ?


    1. Hi Vivek:
      Thank you for your kind words.
      aHa! Kadgi Chacko! one of my favorites. Havenot had that in a while since M is in Mumbai and I am banished to the Siberian outpost in Boston! 😦

      O, I currently use the Nikon D80; previously used the Nikon D70 and also the simpler, smaller Nikon Coolpix, S50? Ok, I’m a Nikon snob. 🙂

      Thank you for visiting. Africa? WoW! We should take Meera these sometime.


  3. Glad to see Meera excited all about animals, just like both my boys 🙂 Sher khan is their favorite too :-)isn’t that make you happy – I mean to watch the kid like wonder and amazement.

    The Ganeshas are absolutely beautiful.

    We are buried under 2 feet of snow and you are blogging about an outdoor festival. What can I say ? Grrrrrrr 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Viji:
      Sorry for the delay in catching up with your comment. Now that I’m back, …

      I have come to re-enjoy these animals because of Meera; Now every time I see an animal on the road, I too point out and say … doggie. Ha ha!

      Hope you are dealing with the snow well.


  4. Cute pics.. Meera has grown tall.. Loved the second pic and fourth one.. Looks like she was pretty excited 🙂 May be its time to go to Zoo now !!! 😛

    1. Thank you SHilpa: Meera is growing TOO fast!
      Slow down – Meera
      and yes, doesn’t she look very energetic in that second pic? BTW, she is ALWAYS hyper !!!!!

      Hope you are doing well.

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