Video: Meera Enjoying Limbu Soda

Meera enjoys going to restaurants. She sits on the table and holds court; surveys other patrons and call out to them: Aye! At our favorite joint: the Kamats Restaurant in Colaba, the wait staff will entertain Meera while we eat. πŸ™‚ Meera loves their idlis, poLo (dosas) and anything we drink.

One of our favorite drinks is the Limbu soda – sparkling lemonade. Meera loves it too. Enjoy the range of Meera’s expressions in this 46 sec video where she sips Limbu soda. *anti nazar* spray.

Notice Meera’s earring. These traditional Konkani “paakLi” were made for M when she was born. Her mother had saved them and got them cleaned and pointed for Meera.

Note: Limbu paani is the plain lemonade and available on most Mumbai streets.

Video background music: Theme from Om Shanti Om.

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57 thoughts on “Video: Meera Enjoying Limbu Soda

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    1. Ha ha! Sia
      See us in Mumbai and I promise you a nimbu soda treat!

      and thanks you!

      btw, I am currently reading Tulsidas’s RamCharitaManas and noticed that in Awadhi, Sita’s name is pronounced and written as “Siya / Sia”.
      I do know your Sia comes as a shortening of supriya. interesting, no?


      1. yes Arun, in ancient hindi sita is known as Sia/Siya and it is evident from valmiki’s ramayan as well as tulsidas ram charit manas. If i ever have a baby girl, she will be called Sia πŸ™‚

  1. Dr. Shanbhag, you have made my mouth water and crave for the lovely food I used to have at Kamats more than a decade ago! No visit to Bombay is complete for my parents or me, without a meal at “Samarambha” Kamat. Their butter naan and panneer masala were just out of this world!
    Best regards,

  2. Arunanna, I had those pakli earrings too :). They are sooo cute.
    Meera looks so adorable in the video. I am sure you had loads of fun in India.
    Love the Mehendi.

    1. Thank you Shilpa:
      I am sure your amma saved those paklis – you can use them in the future. Ha ha!!

      little girls are sooo amazing ~ if only I had know this 10 years ago, I’d have had a few more! πŸ™‚ ofcourse, M will have killed me.

      And so excited for you.

  3. Aw! She is so cute and why do they grow up so faaast?!! Not fair!!!:)

    My girl is in UNC chapel Hill, almost done with freshman class this May. Son is in 9th grade.

    1. Congratulations Asha! UNC is fab
      and yes – NO fair. Meera is growing up sooo fast, i want to scream – slow down time! But i can only enjoy every moment, here and now.

      Thank you Asha.

  4. Arun anna…..Drishti kadi….Meera is so cute. I love those Paakali. I too had earrings on my elder son, as per GSB tradition, got them off after 2 years. She is grown so big. Feeling as if i had just seen the post Meera’s 1st birthday and now she is 2+.

    Will add you on Face Book. …..

    1. Hi Aruna – Thank you for your nice comment and also your message on FB.

      Yes, the last year has been a breeze! And as we look at her pics we see She is growing sooo fast! Slow down girl! Lifes only gets complicated later on. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Ujwal;
      Those are traditional earrings amongst Konkanis. Nice, na?
      and yes, this girl is going to be a drama queen! :-O

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Just returned back to Boston.

  5. Hi Arun, she is beautiful and her expressions on drinking limboo soda are unforgetable, the way she licks her lips. Enjoy her childhood, they grow so fast.
    Mr De

    1. Thank you Mr De:
      Kids are sooo amazing and I never tire of just watching her go through her life; even this simple act of sipping Limbu soda are a thrill to experience.

      hope you are all doing well.

  6. too cute for words. OMG!!! she’s adorable.

    love the henna hands, too – a wedding recently? i just did a henna funshop at an unschooler’s gathering – over 300 people came and did henna! i love these cross-cultural explorations.

    now, to get some of that lemonade for myself…

    1. Thank you Jessie;

      We have a huge extended family and someone of the other is always getting married, or there is some other celebration – thus the henna-ed hands. or the girls seem to just find an excuse for a henna gathering. See this short post from years ago.

      And WOW! What a fantastic gathering that must have been. Have you shared those pics somewhere? You should capture these on a simple flip video (or something similar). πŸ™‚

      Enjoy the lemonade! Bestest!

  7. Meera is adorable. Wish we could keep our kids like this, in this stage, forever but they do grow up fast. I like the Henna in M’s hand πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, Absolutely need to freeze time! She is growing up too fast! M tells me to record everything, but by the time I get the camera, she is doing something else. So now I just enjoy Meera’s amazing antics. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Arun,
    Meera looks adorable and is soo much like my 4 year old when it comes to salted nimbo soda. i guess most of the kiddos love it. She seems to be enjoying it a lot…CUTE..

    1. Hi Lalita:
      Thank you for sharing your comment.
      At first I thought she may NOT like the sour taste, but NO; She absolutely loves it. Every time we drink limbu-soda she has to have a few sips and her expressions are simply unforgettable. And she loves dahi too – calls it “yummy.”

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