Butta, Roasted Maize at Elephanta

roasted maize, corn, Elephanta caves, Gharapuri
During this visit to Mumbai, we took Meera on a day-trip to the Elephanta Caves at Gharapuri, Mumbai (see Google Map). I worried how Meera will take to the hour-long boat ride. Nothing to worry, she was her curious self and a real trooper. Meera pics in another post.

While we carried snacks for Meera, we were hungry and ended up eating butta – slow roasted the maize (indian corn) on a open charcoal shekdi (grill). Rs 15 each! Bestest!
roasted maize, corn, Elephanta caves, Gharapuri

And the best part – the lady smears the butta with a halved lemon, dabbed in salt and red-chilli powder. Gives a nice zing to my eager palate.
roasted maize, corn, Elephanta caves, Gharapuri

Here is a butta wallah from a few years ago.

Elephanta is an easy trip from Gateway of India. Plan 2 hours for travel back and forth and another 2-3 hours at the caves. Avoid weekends! Take the earliest boat starting at 8:30 am.

Mumbai Street Foods:

10 thoughts on “Butta, Roasted Maize at Elephanta

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  1. RECALL-As a trainee Cadet, we once took a Cutter Sailing boat one afternoon from 1pm to 6.30 m return all the way to Elephanta Is. from Dufferin Moorings-
    with the Capt Suptd Incharge and & his family and 7 of us Cadets ( who had not gone on shore leave)-
    It was a spl treat by a kind man to us youth –
    The longest Sailing done for me in Mumbai and in 1964/ 65- E;lephanta Is. was a Deserted place . It was nice to read this rgds TR

    1. I can only imagine the beauty of Elephanta then. Right now is is packed with vendors selling trinkets and ungrateful tourists throwing trash all over the place.

      Thank you for sharing that

  2. Hi Arun,
    You actually watered my mouth !
    I still remember Elephanta Caves and its ambiance when had been there with my wife before marriage. I love those wooden & shell articles that they sell on the big steps.
    Nice photographs!

    1. Hi Sagar:

      Thank you for your nice words; Yeah, the entire walk up the big steps, are lined with hawkers selling all kinds of stuff. even the Taj Mahal. I was thinking, really: why would anyone buy the Taj Mahal at Elephanta? Maybe some do.

      And interestingly, they did not have any reproductions of the trimurti 😛

      Overall, a great trip. Will post more pics about Elephanta soon.

    1. Hmmmm! yes!
      You know, here I do make this on the grill, but then there is lot of stress. In mumbai, I just walk, grab a butta and go on. Life!

      sorry, I have not been visiting food sites lately 😦 But those kadgi phodiis seem easy enough for me to make with canned Kadgi! 🙂

      Wishing you all the best,

  3. My fav snack.. with generous splash of lemon juice + salt and red chilli powder..I love the smoky flavour..I am craving for this right now 🙂

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