Celebrating Rām Navami

photo of 13th century Chola Bronze at Arthur Sackler Museum, Harvard by Arun Shanbhag
Gosvami Tulsidas Ramcharitamanas Ramayana Śri Rām Navami

The Divine Consciousness – manifest or unmanifest, there is no difference
So chant Sages, Puranas, Buddha and Veda.

That which has no attributes, is formless, unseen and unborn
Manifests itself (as Sri Ram) purely out of love for his devotees.

Wishing All
Bliss in Śri Rām’s Grace

M&m and A

I did not encounter this gem of Hindu scripture earlier in my education. But since I came across this superlative example of bhakti, it has become a part of my daily reading and contemplation. And what a joy the morning hours have been.

In this one phrase, Tulsidās succinctly summarizes the essence of Hindu faith. Dwell on this and you can skip the Vedas, Upanishads and all else. Pure bliss!


  • Verse above is from Gosvāmi Tulsidās’ Rāmcharitamānas: Bāl kānd, doha 115, chaupai 1; my translation from the original Awadhi.
  • You can download a PDF (~5MB) of the entire Ramcharitamanas from GitaPress.org, from where the crop of the mantra is taken.
  • 13th century Chola bronze of Śri Rām. Arthrur M Sackler Museum / Harvard Art Museum, Cambridge, MA. Picture taken by me.

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17 thoughts on “Celebrating Rām Navami

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    1. Thank you Poornima: M&m are doing great. M tells me they have been going to the Wadala Ram Mandir everyday for the Raam Naam Japa. And apparently meera loves it – she sits with hands folded and mumbles the japa. Wish I was there. 🙂

      Oooooo, their panak is also the best! 😦

  1. Happy Ram Navami to you, M and m. Thanks much for sharing yet another gem. As you know, we have countless number of gems and some of them were written even around 1700BC. Isn’t that amazing !!!

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