Video: Approaching Kumta on the Konkan Railway

Move your mouse out of the video frame to lose the black border.
Music: Mere Desh Ka Salaam, Shobha Gurtu.

Those who have ridden the Konkan Railway can attest, the rural countryside with emerald green fields is mesmerizing. I think of an early retirement in a village, a small house and running a school.

To share the genesis of this madness, I recorded the view. Here is a 67 second snippet, as the train crossed the Aghanashini River and approached the Kumta Train station. I recorded this from the doorway with my flip video, amidst the rain and rumbling of the train. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

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32 thoughts on “Video: Approaching Kumta on the Konkan Railway

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  1. Your video brought tears in my eyes.
    Very serene, very pure. The sound of the blowing wind carried me into that train. To me, the video was a homecoming! Have taken trains to to my hometown many times and have witnessed it all.

    I’ll be leaving Kumta in a month , be back probably next year. Your video will stay close to my heart.

    Thank you.

    1. THank you Priya, and
      sorry to hear you will be leaving this behind.

      Do you currently live in Kumta? and are you leaving for other opportunities?

      There are also so many ways to keep in touch with Kumta; I work with the local schools there, as try and visit as much as I can. I have a lot of posts here on Kumta, just search for Kumta.

      And do keep in touch.

  2. Green & serene is what I feel! Can keep looking at the lush greens and not get tired, more-so with the village feel in it. The entire coastal belt is like isn’t it? Karwar with its ghats and beaches is very beautiful too. Only now the Naval base has taken up a lot of space, and doesn’t look same as before..The other day, I was telling a friend abt the konkan railway ride thru the Dudhsagar falls, have you been through tht?.Lovely post Arun!

    1. Absolutely Maya: The entire coastal belt is like this! I could get lost just looking out of the window. What a pristine land ~ and I feel blessed that I have my roots there.

      And yes, the naval base at Karwar is depressing, but I guess that is a small price to pay.

      I have not gone throug Dudhsagar Falls. Isn’t that towards the back end of Goa towards Belgaum? Does the Konkan Railway go there? Did not know.

      Hope you and all are doing well,
      Best Wishes

      1. Arun,

        Your blog really brings back the old good memories of Kumta. Off late globalisation has done some changes to this beautiful place but I still feel rejuvenated whenever I visit Kumta. Thanks for putting all these together in this blog.

        For Dudhsagar falls you can take a train going towards Goa from castlerock. Though there is no official stop there every train does stop there for 2 mins. Or you need take a jeep from Kulem (in goa). Its a very nice unspoilt falls and you need to visit it alteast once.

        1. Thank you Sachin for your kind words. As you can tell, I miss that place tremendously.

          And thanks for the info to Dudhsagar Falls. on our last trip to Goa, we were visiting Tambdi Surla, very close to Dudhsagar Falls, but had to return after the daughter got sick.

          Next time.
          Dev Barae Karo!

  3. Arun,

    I am not from Kodkani but on the other bank. Between Hegde and Baad Kagal. I have travelled along Kodkani and you are right, very beautiful place.

  4. Arun,

    You successfully transported me to Kumta. My ancestoral home is on Aghanashini Delta. Flood water of Aghanashini has touched the compound steps many times. I love the scene. Your video brought nostelgia.

    Arun, many times I feel that you bring the best of life. Hats off.

    1. Heh Pratibha:
      did not know you were from there? A beautiful place indeed. I have been to Kodkani and what a paradise it is.

      And Thank you for your kind words – lifts my spirits.

  5. Superb movie!!! Simply love the sight of green paddy fields. You get to see similar sights when you are traveling to Kumta from Honnavar. Feel like taking a vacation to Kumta 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the video…

    1. Yes, exactly!
      I have taken that route from Goa to Bhatkal so many hundreds of times and even up to Udupi when I went to school at Manipal. What a fabulous place.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  6. Wow!!!! superb filming…. lush green paddy fields, rainy season…. fresh soil breath in mind takes breath away…. come 16th i will be in Kumta for 4 days…. Kumtaaaaaa am coming
    Luv ya Arun
    Keep up good work

    1. So fabulous to hear.
      My Salaam to Kumta and enjoy!

      Will prolly be visiting Kumta later in the summer, perhaps after the rains – the bestest time.

      Have a great visit and thank you

  7. Hi Arun,

    Just one word – WOW. I am have the exact same feelings.
    Agnashini is the most beautiful river I have seen. I have crossed it by boat between Hegde (Kumta side) to Mirjan (there is a dilapidated fort there, I think you should see it – it seems the king there said – Meri Jaan before he died, hence the place’s name!). You should try the boat ride. The river is bountiful – rich with fish and crab and shrimps.
    It seems in days of yore, the river was so deep that big ships used to come through foriegn lands on this river. Another river before Agnashini is Gangavali. The rivers and their surroundings can leave anyone spellbound. You have captured it so well – thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Shesh
      thank you for your enthusiastic response. And interesting note on Mirjan. Unfortunately I have not take a boat ride there – must do on one of these trips.

      I had visited Kodkani which is one the mouth of the Aghanashini. You can see the post here:

      A beautiful place and it reminds me that there is more to life than the new iPad. 😉

      Many thanks

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