Update: Nesting Red-tailed Hawk in Boston

Fascinating to keep up with this Hawk’s nest. Even after I got back from Mumbai, the Hawk babies were still in the nest. Now the babies are larger and ready to fly out. Also, tragedy.

I am updating this older post with new pics as the Hawks grow up. So please visit often.

And for Father’s Day, A tribute to Mr Hawk!

Nesting Red-tailed Hawk in Boston Thursday, June 17th, 2010 For Father's Day, My Tribute to Mr Hawk for taking care of his young ones! I hadn't seen any adult stop by the nest. This morning, the male (father) stopped by the nest, dropped off something, hung around on the rails for a few minutes and then flew away. What a magnificent bird. It appears the chicks are nearly as large as the adult male. Two of the bigger birds in the nest appear to be female. The third is a smaller fe … Read More

4 thoughts on “Update: Nesting Red-tailed Hawk in Boston

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  1. Arun, “MGH hosts local hawk family” appeared in the MGH Hotline (7-23-10) and I enjoyed the article so much that I went to the computer to read more about the hawks. What a wonderful surprise to see that the photos and commentary were from your blog!

    I’ve visited your blog many times since discovering it when the Mumbai bombings occured. You do such a wonderul job and I’m so pleased that you still have Boston ties. I took a couple of extra copies of the Hotline to show my hawk-loving friends. Wait until I tell them direct them to your blog & tell them how I discovered you years ago. It’s such a small world.

    1. Thank you very much Kathleen for your enthusiasm.

      It is such a joy to see these hawk chick over the last 3 months. Every time I walk in my office I have to peer out of the window and see what’s going on.

      I tried to capture as much as I could and a few weeks back, purchased a zoom lens just so I could take some close-up.

      I’m NOT normally a birder, but following these hawks has been very educational and therapeutic.

      Actually, I have not seen the Hotline article *smacks head* and need to pick up a few copies.

      And shooting these pics was infinitely more fun than the horrific and traumatizing events of the Mumbai Blasts.

      Indeed a small world ~ I gather you work here as well.
      Thank you for sharing this site with your friends,
      Best Wishes,

      PS, don’t forget to check out pics of our daughter. That was the original reason we were in Mumbai, when the terrorist attacks happened. see this:

      1. Arun, I’m not a MGH employee. I had a routine doctor’s appointment. Whenever I am at the hospital, I visit the cafeteria, gift shop & chapel. I also pick up latests Hotlines & Caring. So I was so pleased to see the hawk nest info.

        I have seen your posts on your beautiful daughter and beautiful M. You are such a happy family.


        1. What an amazing coincidence then, that our paths crossed in so many different ways.

          Thank you for your kinds words on M&M. They are most dear to my heart.

          Waiting for the next time our paths cross again. Who knows, we may already have met unknowingly.

          Life is amazing.

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