Kailash Parbat: Pav Bhaji & Chole Bhatura

Kailash Parbat in Colaba is certainly one of our favorite restaurants in Mumbai. We end up there at a drop of a hat. It is walking distance and close to the Maruti Mandir that we try and visit every day. Importantly, Meera is very comfortable there and their wait-staff are quick to bring her a small dish of kurmura (puffed rice). Below, you can browse some of their other dishes from prior visits.

A couple of our favorite dishes:
Pav Bhaji! I get a few extra ‘pav’ (bread). Notice the butter soaked in the bread.
Pav Bhaji Kailash Parbat Colaba

The delicious Chole Bhatura! All meals end with their Mitha Lassi, which you can see in several of the posts below.
Chole Bhatura Kailash Parbat Colaba

Kailash Parbat in previous posts

Ragda Pattis, Lassi & Sevpuri
Ragda pattis lassi Kailash Parbat Colaba


How to eat a Paani Puri


Ragda Pattis & Lassi @ Kailash Parbat

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  1. Best chat in Edison nj “Bombay Talk” Provides Bombay chat,Tokri chat, samosa, samosa chat, cutlets chats etc…

    1. I have eaten pav bhaji at Dimples in Edison NJ and it is pretty good by US standards,
      but still a long way from the street-sde carts. Remember to ask the server to hold the sweet chutney and add more “tikka” chutney.

      Dimple also has a good selection of decent Chaat. Give it a try when you are there.

    1. Preena – Thank you for visiting again! As you can see, when in mumbai I eat pac bhaji at least several times a week 🙂

      If you are into Mumbai Street Food, I have several posts on those topics. One of my favorites is this about Boti Kebabs at Bade Miyan in Colaba.

      and this video about making Ganna (or sugarcane juice) at a stall in colaba.

      btw, I love your mom’s Aravinda’s Masala! Very nice.

  2. Ofcourse your pictures are awesome, but you already know that. You love food. You already know that. AND you are high on life!! And I am pretty sure you already know that too !! Your posts and topics for those posts sure reflect how drunk you are on life and that is how everyone should be. We all have our share of problems that life throws at us, I am sure you too are not spared, but how we handle our life is surely in our hands. And your blog and every post has this message Arun. Keep going, and I am very very sure that your little piece of heaven – Meera, will have the same enthusiasm for life and grow up to be one warm, affectionate and beautiful lady. And when she reads your blogs, she will know whom she’s taken after 🙂


    1. Manu:

      What can I say ~ I am humbled! I was at a complete loss of words and did not know how to respond. Still don’t

      Your words: “We all have our share of problems that life throws at us, I am sure you too are not spared, but how we handle our life is surely in our hands. ” brought tears to my eyes.

      Yes, it IS because we have not been spared the rough and tumble that we have learned to scrap joy from even the tiniest glimmer in our lives. And what a beautiful live it IS.

      A marathi sant said, only if you have been thirsty, very thirsty, do you appreciate the sip of pure and simple, nectarine water. Only if you have walked long in the blazing sun, very long, do you appreciate the cool shade of a tree. how very true.

      And Meera has been that balm. And more than anything, thank you for showering so generous blessings on Meera. I look forward to reading to her some of these posts.

      One thing I am certain, she has taken after her “amma.” Those two are inseparable.

      Thank you kindly ~ I will treasure this comment, ever.
      Wishing you a long and fulfilling life.

  3. Your foodie pics always manage to make me salivate more. Since it is difficult for me to stop salivating, I’ll be careful to wear a napkin next time, before I click on your links :).
    Here in Bangalore, Sagar in Rajajinagar makes lovely Pav Bhaji. (I don’t think it can beat the Mumbai ones).

    However, I can say with confidence that the road-side pani-puris are simply unbeatable.
    I always enjoy asking a barrage of questions to my friend while he is eating the pani puri, and he has no choice but to shake his head in frustration. I am sure at that point, he feels like kicking me :).

    1. Thank you Shesh:
      yes, don’t ask me any questions while I am gulping a Paani Puri. Interestingly, M and I take turns eating Paani puri and watching Meera – coz both need your constant attention.

      I do’t get to Bangalore often, and then I am well ensconced in Yatri Nivas with their fabulous Jolada Roti Oota!.

      Will definitely look up Sagars during my next visit.

      And thanks for your kind words

  4. …*drools*

    I spent quite a while trying to find pav bhaji that measured up to the stuff in Mumbai. There is a restaurant in NYC I went to recently, Bhojana, which has amazing pav bhaji. I say that confidently only because my mother thinks so too, and she was raised most of her life in Mumbai!

    1. I have not found anything in Boston that comes close. I think NYC or Edison, NJ prolly have good places.

      As I was preparing this post, really, really missed going out for a quick pav-bhaji 😦 Oh Well.

      I will have a lot to do when I come to NYC for the Marathon. Actually am planning a visit there in Sept to do a long run on the course. Lets see how that works out.
      Will keep Bhojana in mind. Did not realize your mom was from Mumbai? Then you are ok. 🙂


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