Meera in Green

Pictures of Meera in Green, Mumbai 2010

Its been a while since I shared pics of Meera. So here is Meera visiting one of our friends in Mumbai. She loved this day bed and ruled from it.

In other news, Meera is now enrolled in Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance) classes on the weekend. It’s only been a few weeks and Meera’s loving it. As parents are not allowed in class, we have no idea how she is doing.

And I sent her a few packs of Silly Bandz (zoo & farm animals).

Pictures of Meera in Green, Mumbai 2010

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    1. M has been taking her to their Konkani Bhajan groups and apparently Meera just mumbles along. She can say Om and also does some simple prayers which M taught her.

      ‘m impressed 🙂

    2. M has been taking her to the Konkani Bhajan groups and apparently Meera just mumble along. She can say Om and also does some simple prayers which m taught her.

      I’m impressed 🙂

    1. Thank you Shilpa – I agree, green is good on her. Need to make a note to self when I go shopping 🙂

      How is Ishaan? and how are you managing by your self without your parents. Must be tough.


  1. When it somes to pictures of Meera, keep them coming, Arun. I love seeing each of them.

    Meera must be having a flair for languages, now that she has picked up so many.

    1. Heh, Thank you Priya and will do exactly as you say 🙂
      Currently, my world is divided into two types of people:
      1. those who ask about and want to see updates on Meera and 2. the rest. 🙂

      And yes, OMG, she is amazing and we are actually worried that once she comes to Boston, she will not have that interaction. We will have to figure out something.

      Thanks Priya.

    1. Thank you Jessie
      Yes. She is so amazingly into dance, we saw that even the first few days she was with us. Even before she could walk, she would shake her body every time music was playing.

      We will encourage her as long as she wants to do it.

      FYI, I am working on your questions – its getting long, will edit and send it to you soon. really.

      Thank you

  2. What an adorable girl! May God bless her forever! I’m sure Mata Saraswathi is smiling in joy to have such a lovely and sweet girl learning first dance steps!

    1. Thank you Clelia for your wonderful words.
      Since you mention it, Meera loves bhajans and sits in rapt attention. and even mimes it. Hope she takes to this art form.
      Certainly Devi Saraswati’s grace. We have been blessed.
      What more could we ask for.

      Thank you,

    1. Thank you Poornima:
      Yes, she is growing well and keep her amma super busy.
      and boy, does she talk. She speaks perfect Konkani at home with the correct intonations. and a smattering of Marathi, Hindi and a few words of english. I think her favorite is:
      To street cat: “billi, idar aao!” (cat, come her!)


      BTW, the greens corner was at a friends place.
      Thank you

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