Video: Best of Mumbai Ganapati Street Dancing

Ganapati is a fabulous time for our extended family. At the end of five days of festivities, Ganapati Bappa is taken in a procession to Chowpatty for consigning to the waters. Behind the truck bearing the Ganapati, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, meera, friends and family, all walk or dance along. Enjoy the unique ishtyle of Mumbai street dancing!

See blog post on Meera’s Tolay-Bhaar, where Meera gets weighed in bananas, at the GSB Seva Mandal.

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14 thoughts on “Video: Best of Mumbai Ganapati Street Dancing

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  1. Great crowd… the ganesh festival in Mumbai …i love the sound of ‘dhool’. that girl is an amazing dancer…what enthu and some great moves….Happy Ganesh chaturthi.

  2. Arun – That was fun! Children dance well because they have no fear or inhibitions in their mind. Just got a peek into Meera perched on her amma. I guess a few years from now, Meera will be leading the pack of dancers from your family.

    1. Thank you Priya … for noticing Meera.
      This was from last year and she was still ‘shocked’ at all the noise and activity … and very ‘observing.’ Just you wait. 🙂

      It was so much fun to see the kids dance. This happens all over Mumbai.

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