Don Meera

Pictures of Don Meera, Mumbai 2010
When Meera was a baby, every time I wore my shades, she would reach for them. I would then mime Main Hoon Don, Don, Don! Soon, Meera came to associate dark glasses with Don!

When we passed stalls on Colaba Causeway selling dark glasses, she’d point and say, Don, Don, Don! SO I had to get her these oversized shades. She’d wear them all the time.

Here is Meera at a gathering in Mumbai. It was well past her nap time and she was super tired, but she persevered and did not get cranky. Verily Don Meera!
Pictures of Don Meera, Mumbai 2010

Meera loves those silky tags and needs to rub them to sleep. I love you baby!
Pictures of Don Meera, Mumbai 2010

Time for Meerathon:

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  1. Arun,

    I do not want to discourage you- my son sucked his thumb for nine years! I was smart with my daughter. I stitched her night shirt with mitten. She stopped when she was four. But it is cute to see them suck their thumb, though.

    1. Good idea with stitching the night shirt – will keep it in mind if this continues. Now Meera sucking her thumb is an ‘early warning system’ for us, indicating that Meera is either sleepy, or tense – just not in her element.
      Lets see how this goes.
      Thanks for the tips.

  2. Arun,

    She is adorable. She sucks her thumb. Both my kid did that. Cherish these years years rill too quickly.

    1. Thank you Pratibha:
      Meera loves to suck her thumb when she is stressed or sleepy; an indicator to us that something is amiss.

      I hope she gets out of that soon, but it is cute.

  3. Two words for Meera- Heart Breaker !! How come there are no pictures with you giving her a tightttttt squeeze. I can’t believe you haven’t done that to this little munchkin. Gosh, I can have her gorgeous cheeks alone for supper.

    Big tightttt bear hug to this halter-neck-wearing-little-miss-muffet


    PS: reminds me of my daughter who is almost the same age. And I hug her tightttt when the lovee in my overflows .. she goes.. “ammmmmmaaaa.. noooo” lol

    1. Arrey yaar no pics of me, coz I’m always holding the camera 🙂

      O, she’s getting lots of luvin. Many a times I just restrain myself, coz I can’t believe this is real. You know the feeling? I am simply amazed at this beautiful bundle and our good fortune to be loved by her.

      Funny about your daughter, have not seen any pics. Girls are amazing.

      Wishing you well.

    1. OMG! Tags Overload!
      I had heard someone mention it and I thought someone made it. What an enterprise.

      Will have to get one for Meera; or collect all the tags I snip off my running shirts and sew them together. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing this.

  4. A true doll! She has the curious eyes of a fast learner. And I went through the Meerathon and loved her ‘big girl’s’ outfits, simply adorable. May God always keep her this blessed!

    1. Thank you Clelia:
      Surprisingly ( or perhaps, not surprisingly) she likes to dress up herself. She also has to pick out her own clothes and even folds them … for now.

      What a blessing.

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